wiki, history, review, facts news, what is wikipedia information, definition, timeline, location is an American company that's developed innovative methods of tracking food through Blockchain technology. [1]


The company was founded in 2017 by Raja Ramachandran and Philip Harris with the goal of being the first ever comprehensive "Blockchain of Food [2] ". The "Blockchain of Food" is a food tracking network that means to inform about the origin of your food, it's growing conditions, how it was shipped, and other food metadata that might be relevant to the consumer. [3] Ramachandran explained in more depth: [4]

If a farmer wants to say I harvest strawberries these two days, well, they can say that, but do they say that to everyone? … That’s the beauty of blockchain. It manages the decentralized nature of the food business, so people can post data, they can protect it, they can share it, they can create records with it… In the end for the consumer, they basically get a longer record.

To achieve a working "Blockchain of Food" is building a so-called "digital bridge [3]" between farmers, distributors, processors, traders, restaurants, grocers, and consumers. Not only is this data extremely valuable for the consumer, it's also valuable for farmers and distributors. Ramachandran said: [3]

On the farm side, it could help farmers to increase their sales and pricing while on the other end big companies on the buyer side like Walmart want to look at risk management as well as providing more information to their consumers

In late 2018 received $2.4 million in funding from Maersk Growth. [4]

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