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Richard Bronson is a technology entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles, California. He is well known as the Founder and CEO of 70 Million Jobs. [1] [5] [4]

Early Life & Education

Richard Bronson was born and raised in New York City. His father was a United States Marine Corps veteran and the owner of an import business. [6]

Bronson attended Northwestern University and the University at Buffalo, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism in 1976 . [5] [6]


After graduating from university, Richard Bronson worked in his father's import business. Soon after he joined the company, his father was diagnosed with cancer and at the same time there was also a downturn in prospects for the business. Bronson had to take over the company and keep it alive so it could continue supporting my father and his medical plan, while tending to his affairs as his condition worsened. The experience was painful but taught him to be tough. [6]

During the 1980's, Bronson went to Wall Street and worked for investment banks including Shearson, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers. He later joined Stratton Oakmont, a brokerage firm which was run by Jordan Belfort, who later became known as the "The Wolf of Wall Street". After joining, Bronson quickly became a partner. Bronson has said that the The Wolf of Wall Street film was a relatively accurate depiction of the company. [1]

Bronson went on to found his own broker-dealer firm, Biltmore Securities in South Florida and grew it from three people to more than 500, generating close to $100 million in annual revenue. Bronson says that he broke many laws while running the firm and knew it was wrong, but he was greedy and impatient, and told himself that everyone was doing it. [1]

After leaving Biltmore Securities in 1997, Bronson founded the Shadow Lounge, a successful nightclub in South Beach, and Channels Magazine, a lifestyle magazine. , he had also served as the Chairman of the Board of the Miami City Ballet, a Trustee of the Museum of Contemporary Art, and a Board Member of the Police Officer Assistance Trust. [5]

Bronson was later arrested and plead guilty to securities fraud related to his work at Biltmore Securities. Since Bronson and his partners repaid everyone who suffered losses, he was given a relatively lenient sentence of 22 months in prison. Bronson has said that even years after the crimes, he still feels a deep sense of shame. He also says that the experience humbled him. [1] [6]

While serving in prison, Bronson realized how many people in prison deserved a second chance. After leaving prison, paying fines, legal bills, and restitution, Bronson was destitute and struggling to find a job. He also saw how it can be even tougher for people of color and those without a formal education who have served time in prison. [1]

In 2011, Bronson co-founded Do You Remember, which was the Internet's most popular site for nostalgia. He also wrote a column about nostalgia in a modern world for The Huffington Post. [5]

Bronson later worked as a Director at Defy Ventures, a nonprofit organization that helps train people with criminal histories to become entrepreneurs. As Bronson saw the challenges for re-entry nonprofits to help people at a national scale, he decided to start a business. [5]

In October 2016, Bronson founded 70 Million Jobs, with the mission of helping the more than 70 million Americans with criminal records find jobs. With a community of more than one million active job seekers nationwide, they work with some of the nation's largest employers, helping them meet critical human resource challenges. [5] [1]

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