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Faraji Wright (born January 30, 1990 [3]) is better known by as Rexx Life Raj. He is an American hip hop recording artist from Berkeley, California. He has been performing since 2014.

Early Years

Wright has always had a love for music. His mother was very active in the church and fostered that love through gospel music, while he learned a strong work ethic and black pride from his father who was active in the black panther party. [8] At age six, he grew more interested in rap music, but his parents urged him to focus on athletics and academics. was a standout Offensive lineman in high school. On January 10, 2008, he committed to Boise State University on a football scholarship.


Wright attended Boise State University on a football scholarship. [2] While playing, he began making mixtapes. One of the more notable songs he made during his time with the Broncos was a school-themed rap song “Blue and Orange Drip” [6] that plays before Boise State home games. In 2010, Wright and Thomas Byrd perform their original rap about Kyle Wilson heading to the NFL during the Fan Fiesta Celebration for the 2010 Boise State Football Fiesta Bowl Championship! [7] In 2012, he earned a degree in communications, and retired from playing football. [2]

Professional Career

Admitting that he never aspired to go to the NLF, [8] Wright chose to pursue music rather than a career as a professional athlete. While he was working on new music, Wright paid bills by working as a delivery driver for his parents’ delivery company. [8]



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Devin’s Song (2017)

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Portraits (with Tele Fresco) (2014)

Rexx Life Raj & Kyral Musik – Dreamland: Telegraph Ave.

The Escape (2015)

Emoji Goats (with YMTK) (2017)

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