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Revolt is a 2020 upcoming action war film about the second american revolution. Written and Directed by Darius Burke, and Produced by Melissa Fidler. [2]

It is set for release in 2020. [4]


Billionaire and former Goldman Sachs Executive , James Worthington has taken control of the country as the President of the United States. He allows Law Enforcement , the wealthy and Wall Street to abuse the weak and the mentally ill illegally for his own amusement. As a victim of the new president's abusive tactics , Ryan Martina and his Girlfriend Amanda Jones team up with all political affiliations in the country to overthrow all Authority in the United States. [1]

Cast: [2]

Courtney Gonzalez as General Alexis Lopez,

;the leader of the blue team. ;

Reggie Jean as Ryan Martina

; The leader of the USRCL,

Samantha Updike as Amanda Jones

; The longtime girlfriend of Ryan Martina

and a hardcore Anarchist ;

David Michael Pepe III as Robert

; an anarchist who warns James Worthington

of his impending doom while sitting

in front of the american flag;

Lenny Barcelos as General John Anders

; A libertarian and the leader of the yellow team.

Michael David Kahoe as General Martin Hellchock

; a neo-nazi and the leader of the red team.;

Brannon Brass as President James Worthington

; The President of the United States who imposes

tyrannical like qualities onto American citizens;

Lexi Cherry as Claire Worthington

; the first lady of the united states and James's wife. ;

Darius Burke as Alex Worthington

; the cousin of President James Worthington and

the former President of  Worthington University , which

closed 1 year before the revolution began.

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