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Realm of the Mad God (RotMG) is a massively multiplayer online shooter created by Wild Shadow Studios and Spry Fox in 2011.  Since its initial release, RotMG has had a major journey that has had a major transition of ownership through its rise in popularity.

RotMG is a simple 8-bit pixel style MMO bullet hell shooter with a roguelike aspect to the game meaning that when characters die, all accumulated equipment on the character at the time of death are lost permanently.  In RotMG, players will choose from a list of 14 different classes with unique abilities and fight their way in the realm of Oryx to earn better equipment and defeat end game bosses.  RotMG is a free-to-play game with severval in-game purchases.  The game is available for both Windows and OS X platforms and has been available on steam since February 20, 2012.


Players will begin their adventure with a level 1 wizard with new classes unlocked when certain level requirements are met with the proper classes.  Characters are moved with the standard WASD keys and use the mouse to aim and attack enemies.  Experience in this game is shared so it is beneficial to group up with other players and attack monsters together.  After players gain a certain amount of experience they will level up and gain the ability to use higher level equipment.  The maximum level for a character is set at level 20 at which point, fame will be generated for the user profile.  Fame is used to grant permanent stars that indicate accomplishments and can also be spent occasionally for in-game items.  Every player begins their game in the Nexus, a central hub with portals that teleport players into a randomly generated realm.  Each realm can hold up to 85 players and have a set of quests that need to be completed for a realm close.  Once a realm closes, the portal will be removed from the Nexus and players can no longer enter the realm.  After a two minute countdown, players in a closed realm will be teleported to Oryx's Castle and have the opportunity to face off against Oryx himself for high-tier loot.  Additional updates to the game have implemented new dungeons that are more difficult and complex than the original end game found in Oryx' Castle.


The Developers of ROTMG have a long history of celebrating seasonal events with unique dungeons and special-themed items that are related to the event.  The items from these events are generally limited and have a special "achievement" factor associated with them.  Past events celebrated different occasions with special event dungeons:

  • Battle for the Nexus (ROTMG Event)
  • Belladonna's Garden (Player Appreciation Event, 2014)
  • Halloween Haunted Cemetery (Halloween Event, 2016)
  • Ice Tomb (Winter Holiday Event, 2016, 2017)
  • Rainbow Road (St. Patrick's Day Event, 2017)
  • Santa's Workshop (Oryxmas Christmas Event, 2017)
  • Month of the Mad God (MotMG, Month of June celebrating RotMG and its players)


Dungeons have been a very popular feature to the game that act as mini realms with a dungeon boss with unique drops.  Players can enter dungeon portals and complete the dungeon in search of unique loot.  The list of current dungeons can be found at under dungeons.

In-Game Purchases

Users can spend real world currency to buy in-game items through the Nexus Shop.  There are several different items that can be purchased with in-game currencies consisting of items up to the second highest tier in the game.  Players have argued that this system has created a Pay-to-Win environment, a frowned upon scenario in MMO and MMORPG genres.  In-Game currencies can also be spent to test their luck at the Mystery Boxes with low chances at extremely rare cosmetics.


For more details on specific aspects of the games visit RotMG's community wiki: RealmEye [3] ​.

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