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Reah Bravo is an American corporate speech writer based in Europe. Bravo rose to prominence after publishing an expose, "The Open Secret of Charlie Rose " in the New York Review Of Books. [1] [2] Previously, she worked as the associate producer for the Charlie Rose Show.

Photo of Reah Bravo with a friend taken while at a party.

Personal Life And Activities

Bravo was born and raised in the state of New Mexico. She is the daughter of a minister and she was a beauty pageant queen during her childhood. [3]

Throughout her 20s, she lived on the East Coast of the United States. She has done work for Amnesty International and has also been a high-school forensics coach. [4]

She now lives in Europe with the rest of her family. She and her husband have a child together and live in the city of Brussels, Belgium. [5] [6]


Bravo is an alum of Columbia University where she received her Master's degree in International Affairs. [7] [8]

Email shared by Reah Bravo that shows her exchange with Charlie Rose.


While she was completing her Master's at Columbia University she got a job as an intern for the Charlie Rose Show in 2007. [9] She struggled to make ends meet during her unpaid internship, accruing credit card debt and eating free cereal in the Bloomberg food court. [10] She was eventually offered a side gig by Rose to help him around his house in Bellport. [11]

She was paid $2,500/week plus all expenses for food, movies etc. [12]

Screenshot of Reah Bravo's email exchange with Charlie Rose.


One of the first positions related to her profession was associate producer for Charlie Rose Show in 2008. [13] She helped Rose with his talks, conferences, and interviews. [14]

After leaving the show and working with Rose, she held other positions with a higher paying scale and opportunities. [15] [16] [17]

She is currently a corporate speech writer in the city of Brussels. [18]

In The Media

"The Open Secret of Charlie Rose" Essay

On May 4th, 2018, Bravo released an essay that she published in the New York Review Of Books titled, "The Open Secret of Charlie Rose". [19] The essay is an expose of the sexual advances made by Rose during her time as an intern and later as the associate producer at the show. [20] The essay was published just a day after the Washington Post released their second expose of the Rose scandal related to his sexual harassment to nearly 27 women. [21]

Bravo writes the following in the essay:

"During my time working for Rose, there were many who indicated knowledge of his treatment of women. I heard Upper East Side salesclerks gossiping about it; professors in my graduate program discussed it more or less explicitly; one of the show’s regular guests gave two of my female colleagues a wink and a thinly-veiled hint about his behavior by way of warning... [22]

He asked me to join him in looking at the moonlight, clutching me from behind as I did. He would call me late at night to berate me over the phone for my benighted background report on Bill Clinton or Sergei Lavrov or whichever upcoming interview was causing him anxiety, and he would call me at sunrise to tell me that he, breathing heavily, was thinking about me. The man who had enthusiastically interviewed Gloria Steinem some ten times would introduce me to his airport driver, not as someone who had helped prepare him for the lucrative speaking engagement from which he was returning, but as a table dancer he’d picked up the night before. He would get on top of me in an airplane, grope me in cars, and emerge naked in my presence..." [23]

In the essay, Bravo also mentions how her experience has made her learn about men in the media who damage their reputation and other people's work with their terrible actions - Rose being a prime example. [24]

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