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Ray R. Cowdery (1941) is an American author of non-fiction books about World War II ​, Nazi Germany ​ and Adolf Hitler ​ topics, including the Willys MB ​ jeep, the original Volkswagen ​ and the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich ​. The author is fluent in German, and visited Berlin and Nazi Germany sites dozens of times since the mid-1970s, seeking out countless facts and artifacts for archive, including Third Reich ​ German magazines and newspapers. [1] ​ The author had a career in international business, and has researched the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic over a period of many years.

Cowdery authored two best-selling volumes of the history of the World War II jeep, and co-authored a guidebook to Nazi Germany identity documents. [2] ​ Cowdery's two ''All-American Wonder'' books detail almost all necessary knowledge to achieve near-perfect restoration of WW II jeeps, (Allen, 2004; p. 35) and Cowdery's production numbers of early, prestandardized jeeps, quoted in Volume I, are generally considered the most accurate. (Allen, 2004; p. 24)

Cowdery personally engaged the mythical existence of completely knocked down ​ (or CKD) jeep kits in-a-crate, that are sometimes claimed or believed to have survived World War II ''unassembled'', and considered somewhat of a "Holy grail" by collectors. For some 15 years he had a standing offer of $50,000 US for an authentic WW II "jeep-in-a-crate", without a single person coming forth. [4]

Books [3]
Ich Kampfe / I Fight – Facsimile Edition, By Adolf Hitler ​, translated by Cowdery, Victory WW2 Publishing ltd., 1982
Nazi Buckles: Psychology and the Fighting Spirit , Victory WW2 Publishing Ltd., 1982
Nazi Para-Military Organizations and Their Badges , Victory WW2 Publishing Ltd., 1985
All American Wonder: Information Regarding the History, Production, Features and the Restoration of Military Jeeps 1941-1945 , (with Merrill Madsen), USM
Publishing, 1986
Capone's Chicago , (with Richard T. Enright), Northstar Maschek Books, 1987
All-American Wonder, Volume 2: The Military Jeep, 1941-1945 , USM Publishing, 1990
Hitler: The Hoffmann Photographs , Northstar Commemoratives, 1990
All American Wonder, Volume 1, Revised Edition, Victory WW2 Publishing ltd., 1993
Dein KDF-Wagen , Victory WW2 Publishing Ltd., 1993
Nazi Militaria Fake or Real ? , Victory WW2 Publishing Ltd., 1993
Reinhard Heydrich: Assassination , (with Peter Vodenka), Victory WW2 Publishing Ltd., 1994, ISBN 9780910667425
Katyn: A Documentary Account of the Evidence , Victory WW2 Publishing Ltd., 1995
Papers Please!: Identity Documents, Permits and Authorizations of the Third Reich , Victory WW2 Publishing ltd., 1996
Masters of Ceremony , Victory WW2 Publishing Ltd., 1998
Hitlers Heimatland / Hitler's Native Land , Language: German, English, Victory WW2 Publishing Ltd., 2001
Der KdF Wagen (The Strength Through Joy Car) , (with Josephine Cowdery, and Volkswagen), Victory WW2 Publishing Ltd., 2002
The New German Reichschancellery in Berlin 1938-1945 , (with Josephine Cowdery), Victory WW2 Publishing Ltd., 2003
German Print Advertising, 1933-1945 , (with Josephine Cowdery), Victory WW2 Publishing Ltd., 2004

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