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Ravencoin [2] ​ ​is a cryptocurrency ​ and peer-to-peer network ​ launched on January 3, 2018. With the help of a strong and growing community, a team of developers designed the open-source project on the X16R fork of the Bitcoin ​ code. Ravencoin features four key changes from its predecessor:  a 21-billion RVN coin supply; an issuance schedule with block rewards of 5,000 RVN; 1-minute block times; and an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit ( ASIC ​)-resistant mining algorithm. X16R disrupts the order of the hashing algorithms ​ and makes Ravencoin more difficult to mine with centralized ASIC hardware than CPU/GPU miners. Developers intended the project to have a fair launch with no Initial Coin Offering (ICO) ​, premine, or airdrops.


Once fully implemented, Ravencoin will feature a blockchain [3] ​ that will handle intra-party asset transfers optimized for the use case of transferring assets such as tokens from one holder to another. Developers released an asset-capable digital wallet ​ on August 28, 2018. Still in testing phase, the blockchain is scheduled to launch on October 31, 2018. Binance​ announced that it will list Ravencoin in October 2018.[4]

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