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Raunaq Singh is a Sikh-American real estate entrepreneur and investor  based in New York City ​. [5] ​ He is the owner and founder of Raunaq Singh Realty llc., a company which focuses on the acquisition and value creation of distressed investment property. Singh has been featured in The Real Deal, the NYREJ and More. [2]

Early Life & Education

Singh graduating from Baruch College

Singh was born in a small suburb of Long Island, New York, called New Hyde Park ​. Singh had transitioned from several different homes and school districts in his childhood as his father changed businesses and he also went from living with his extended family of cousins uncles and aunts to only his immediate family.

As an athlete, Singh was on his High School’s Wrestling and Football teams. Raunaq had found his passion for Business early on, receiving several awards for business competitions while in High School as well as being the President of the FBLA ( Future Business Leaders of America ​).

Raunaq attended Baruch College ​ in New York City where he began to work full-time from his Freshman year and was a part time student for most of his time at the college. [2]


Singh first became involved in real estate at the age of 16. He started as a Summer Intern for Manhattan ​ based real estate investment sales company, Besen & Associates. He interned and learned the brokerage side of the business for two summers while in high school. After beginning his college career at Baruch in 2013, he went on to get his real estate license and began working at Besen & Associates as an associate broker in 2014. Singh juggled his classes and full time work throughout his college career. Fortunately, he found Baruch to be very accommodating to those who wished to pursue their careers while getting an education as he was able to take many night time and weekend classes. The geographic convenience also played a huge factor as Besen & Associates office was located at Park Avenue and 27th Street, only 3 blocks away from his college. [5]

Before finishing his sophomore year at Baruch, Singh had closed more than $10 Million Dollars worth of transactions of investment properties, he accredits much of this success to his mentor Amit Doshi, a top NYC Investment Sales Broker. Singh came into Real estate brokerage with nearly no personal funds or assets, and he struggled for months before closing his first deal- a $7.5 Million dollar sale in Wayne, New Jersey ​ of a building package which consisted of tenants: Bloomingdales ​ and Ethan Allen ​.

Next to a helicopter with friends

After achieving some success in brokerage, Singh went on to purchase his first property in 2016, and flipped it for a profit. Singh began his own real estate company, Raunaq Singh Realty llc, which is a multi-service real estate company that is primarily focused on distressed acquisitions and Value-Add opportunities for commercial and mixed use buildings and residences in the New York City Boroughs.

Raunaq has big goals and plans for the growth of his real estate business with plans to incorporate modern tech solutions and social media aspects to what has been a traditional business. Singh has spoken at Entrepreneurial Summits in NYC and plans to continue speaking as a way to give back to other young entrepreneurs who wish to pursue a career in Real Estate.

Raunaq also has involvement in cryptocurrencies, financing, and other ventures. He is an entrepreneur that is open to opportunities in any field or venture that he believes could have lucrative returns.

Personal Life

Raised in the Sikh Faith, Singh bears a turban and uncut hair. He enjoys spending time with youth members of his community and helping them through some of the difficulties that come with growing up looking very different than your peers in a post 9/11 world where Sikhs are often mistakenly confused for radical muslims.

Singh has a passion for unique cars, traveling, luxury goods, and fine Whiskey. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his close friends, as well as networking and connecting with other like minded entrepreneurs. He loves to spend time with his family and hopes to be a good role model for his 3 younger siblings.

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