Raphael Farasat

Raphael Farasat is an award-winning brand strategist and Entrepreneur​. He is the CEO and creative director of full service creative agency, TRUFFL. [1]


Raphael studied abroad for a semester at the University of Belgrano​. He returned to Indiana University Bloomington​ to earn a B.A. in Liberal arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities. He went on to attend Kelley School of Business​ and earned a B.S. in Entrepreneurial Studies. Later he went to Loyola Marymount University​ where he got his MBA in Marketing. During that time he also earned a Doctor of Law from Loyola Law School​. [1]


Raphael got his start in the food industry, spending a year working for Umami Restaurant Group in marketing and business affairs.  During his time there he helped the organization scale from five to seventeen locations. He was responsible for international business development, serving as in-house counsel, revamping the UMAMIcatessen restaurant, launching, managing, and developing products for a retail products line, coordinating marketing and social media efforts, analyzing new markets for Umami Burger​, and overseeing the development of their corporate website, among other things. 

In 2012, Raphael became the CEO and creative director of TRUFFL, a next-level creative agency and incubator. TRUFFL started out as an invitation-only community for leading creatives who come together over unique dining experiences, but eventually expanded into strategic consultancy and brand incubation. In 2017, Raphael became a partner in Pink Dot​, helping the brand relaunch while completely overhauling how they do business. In 2018, Raphael started as the Chief Creative Officer of Humbl, a restaurant with a plant-based theme ran by celebrity chef, Matthew Kenney​. [2]​ [3]

Personal Life

Shortly after college Raphael packed up his things and took a solo trip around the world. During that time he lived in South America​ and fell in love with the cultures of Japan​, Southeast Asia​, and Australia​. He enjoys eating out, cooking, traveling, exercising, and spending time with his dog Bondi. [2]

Raphael Farasat
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