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R. Scott Reid is an American movie producer and film consultant. [5] ​ He is best known for his work on Battle in Seattle , Bachelor Lions , and Wild Cherry (2009). [2]

He is also the Owner and Board member of River Rock Films, a film ​, television ​, and new media ​production company with offices based at Universal City, in Hollywood, California ​. [21]


Reid started working in the film business in 2005 as a private equity investor ​. His first main film was When a Man Falls in the Forest , a psychological thriller ​ (starring Dylan Baker ​ and Timothy Hutton ​) about the lives of three men who each reveal that they deal with their problems in different, self-destructive ways. Karen Fields - played by Sharon Stone ​ - faces the reality of her dying marriage and seeks comfort in unlawful and forbidden activities of her own. [2] [4] ​ The film was selected to be in the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival ​. [5]

Since then, he has been credited on a number of other works, including Battle in Seattle ​, which was one of the opening night films at the Toronto Film Festival ​. [5] ​ He also participated in the production of Numb, an official selection of the Tribeca Film Festival ​, and Cover, which was endorsed by the NAACP in 2008. [5]

Youtube Video
Bachelor Lions (trailer)

His latest produced film is called Bachelor Lions , an independent action-comedy ​ about two young men living in Los Angeles and struggling to find themselves in the city. [16]


Year Title Role Notes
2018 Bachelor Lions (Producer) [2]
? 7 Days As a Kingpin (Producer)
2009 The Anatomy of Hate (Producer)
2009 Wild Cherry (Producer)
2009 Jonah (Producer)
2008 While She Was Out (Producer)
2007 Christmas in Wonderland (Producer)
2007 Cover (Producer)
2007 Battle in Seattle (Executive Producer)
2007 When a Man Falls in the Forest (Executive Producer)
2005 Her Minor Thing (Executive Producer)
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