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Quokka [2] [3] CMS is a Content Management System, a platform to publish blogs, websites, portals and also a nice solution for intranets, Document Management System (GED/ECM), and also it is possible to create various kinds of applications based in content publishing as fundraising and e-commerce applications.

Quokka is Open Source developed in Python using Flask and MongoDB as its base


  • Web based content management admin interface
  • Multiple content formats (markdown, rst, html, plaintext)
  • Compatibility with any of the Pelican Themes
  • Flat file NoSQL database TinyDB or optionally MongoDB for scale deployments
  • Host the Quokka on server or generate a static website
  • Extensible via modules/plugins
  • Powered by Python, Flask, Flask-Admin, TinyMongo and Pelican Themes
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