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Psykovsky aka Vasily Markelov a maverick Russian dark-psytrance producer and Moscow DJ from Russia. Signed to Vertigo Records. His debut album released in 2005. Together with Kindzadza he is the dj-duo Osom. They also created the label Osom-music together. The genre of music varies as beats per minute lift up from 145 to 200. Innovative but still traditional, the story is to suit different tastes giving a detailed retrospective of the unique Psykovsky style. The concept is deep psychedelia, often away from forms. [1]

Many years ago he began to creat music together with Alexey Transdriver. Few tracks with the project Nothing Special were made with Alex Parasense. Also Vasily is a half of a very well known worldwide project Osom. First Psykovsky album ‘Debut’ was finished in 2005 and released with Vertigo Records. From 2006 Vasiliy together with Leo KinDzaDza started their own label Osom Music. [3]

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