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[1] The family of Mr & Mrs Effiong Moses on 18th November 1964 received a gift of baby boy who they named Eno. Who latter in life becomes Professor Eno Ebenso a chemist of international repute. He is a lecturer presently in University of Calabar in the chemistry department.

He studied chemistry in University of Calabar Cross river state of Nigeria. He graduated with a Bachelor degree in chemical science (second class upper division) and carried out his undergraduate research project on; the determination of the degree of association of Organic acids in Benzene and carbon tetrachloride in 1986. He moved to the prestigious University of Ibadan to obtain a Masters degree in Physical Chemistry where his dissertation focused on the; Kinetics of oxidation of N, N` - diphenyl-p-phenylene diamine in perchloric acid solution in 1990. Eno Ebenso returned to his alma-mater to study for a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Physical Chemistry and his dissertation focused on the Investigation of thin films of some deposited transition metal Oxides and perovskites using nebulized spray pyrolysis technique in 2002.

He has over 200 journal publications including about 14,000 google scholar citation index of 65 and i10-index of 246 and about 5500 total citations from the Scopus search Engine of Elsevier Science since 1996. He has also been involved in Quantum chemical / molecular modeling and theoretical studies of compounds used for corrosion inhibition studies using density functional theory (DFT) and other semi-empirical methods. Some of his discoveries and fundamental results include but not limited to: Plant extracts, polymers and synthetic organic and inorganic compounds are used as inhibitors. Colloids and Surface Chemistry (Naturally occurring colloids-exudates gums). His research over the years have focused on Electrochemistry, kinetics, adsorption, thermodynamics of corrosion.

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