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PopCom is a next-generation kiosk and intelligent vending machine company. [1]


PopCom was founded in 2012 (originally called Solution Vendings Industry) by Dawn Dickinson as a way to distribute a product from another one of her businesses, Flat Out of Heels. The company uses vending machines to distribute compact ballet flats in high traffic areas for women who need to get out of their heels. [2]

PopCom intelligent vending machines are built with cutting edge Internet of things technology, employing Facial recognition, AI, and blockchain technology in the shape of demographic analysis, face and emotion recognition, conversion rate calculation, retargeting, digital and biometric payments, loyalty programs, and much more. PopCom also offers software to track and strategize your vending machine payout.

Dawn Dickson raised $1 million dollars in a fundraising campaign in 2017 from investors like Rev1 Ventures, Loud Capital and NCT Ventures of Columbus and Cleveland-based JumpStart. In 2019 she took a different approach. Instead trying to woo traditional investors, she looked to Title III of Obama's 2012 Jobs Act, which allows companies to raise up to $1,070,000 in a calendar year from the general public instead of restricting the round to rich investors. The crowdfunding venture doubled as a marketing ploy when Dickson appeared on The Breakfast Club and spoke about her struggle as a women of color trying to raise money from venture capitalists. The raised $1,000,000 in 122 days. [3]

PopCom has set their sight on dispensing alcohol, marijuana and other regulated products. Billionaire Jeff Hoffman, one of the founders of Priceline.com and inventor of the airport kiosk, is a member of the advisory board. [4]

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