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Polybird Exchange is a global exchange for securities and assets on the blockchain. [1] [7] [3]


Polybird Exchange provides a marketplace for global tokenized assets. As an end-to-end global exchange platform that facilitates buying and selling of these tokenized assets, it enables the issuance of digital tokens to raise equity and debt capital, and then allows trading of those tokens. Tokenizers can also list existing tokenized assets on the platform such as stock, bond, commodities, currencies and commercial real estate. [1][3] Polybird Exchange will also offer derivatives trading through PolyMEX a peer-to-peer derivatives trading platform, that will offer both spot and leveraged products. [2]

“Since the process disrupts the entire life cycle, it is important to be an end-to-end platform and not just a trading platform,” said Polybird CEO, Harish Gupta. “Tokenisation of assets and securities is a megatrend, and Polybird will emerge as a leading platform in this space that will lead to more digitised and automated capital markets.” [5]


Polybird Exchange was founded by Harish D. Gupta , Abhijit Kumar, and James McDowall. Harish Gupta serves as Polybird's CEO and has previously worked in currencies, economics, and equities at firms including Barclays Investment Bank, J.P. Morgan, and Morgan Stanley. Abhijit Kumar, the company's CTO, was previously the CTO and Lead Developer of Legal Bites, India's fastest growing law website. James McDowall serves as Polybird's CSO, he was previously the Head Of Research & Corporate Development at SPIRIT Blockchain Capital Inc. [1] [9] [10] [11]

Advisory Board

  • Jim K. Liew (Advisory Chairperson)
  • Raj Dhanda (Advisor - Global Fixed Income)
  • Patrick L. Springer (Advisor - Global Equities)
  • Raya Mileva (Advisor - Business Development)
  • Arun Subramanian (Advisor - Global Commodities)
  • Trevor Koverko (Advisor - Security Tokens)
  • Jonha Richman (Advisor - Public Relations)
  • Ko-Yang Wang (Advisor - Infrastructure)
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