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Pluto Money is a mobile iOS application that helps Generation Z manage their personal finances. [2] The app securely connects to users' bank accounts to automatically monitor & analyze spending/saving, uses artificial intelligence to learn spending habits over time, and leverages research-backed behavioral science to help users improve various financial behaviors in both the short and long term.


The concept of Pluto Money was conceived by founders Tim Yu and Susie Kim during their undergraduate studies at UCLA. They wanted to build a platform for Generation Z (starting with college students) to help them keep track of their spending habits, so that they could have more money in their savings accounts for goals that matter.

The mission of Pluto is to help "build better money habits and achieve saving goals through gamified bite-sized challenges." [3]


Pluto allows users to pick different types of challenges which are then personalized to the individual. Savings challenges typically involve picking a spending medium to cut down on while simultaneously picking a reward medium to purchase.

The application uses artificial intelligence to learn spending habits and user preferences to better gauge spending trajectory.

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