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Pixel Master (aka EOS Pixel Master) is variation on FOMO style game​ launched September 23rd 2018. This Open-source​ EOS (blockchain)​ based DAPP (Decentralized App)​ was originally developped by EOSAsia​ but for legal reasons they decided to let the community launch the game. Pixel Masters takes inspiration from games like Place (Reddit)​, Fomo3d​ and The Million Dollar Homepage​.


Players draw and purchase pixels on a 1000x1000 pixel blank canvas. If a player wants to draw on a pixel that has been previously purchased they must pay 1.35x the original price.[1]

Additionally 25 percent of the proceeds of all purchases go into the Last Pixel Pot smart contract. The original rules state that once no pixels have been purchased in the past 24 hours the pot is won by the last player to purchase a pixel. To date the Last Pixel Pot has not been awarded.

Player count and EOS volume peaked around September 28th 2018 with a player count of 1093 and 24 hour volume of approximately 185,000 EOS.



The developers and community are discussing alternative gameplay mechanics to distribute the pot and encourage more players to purchase pixels after an initial flood of players that has now died down.

Whenever the timer passes an hourly threshold (e.g. 23:00:00), the timer will never be reset to higher than that threshold. If the timer counts down to 22:59:00, and a player buys a pixel, the timer will be reset to 23 hours instead of 24.

Instead of selecting the last pixel to win the pot, which can be exploited by bots and scripts, they will instead use a lottery system. Each time the timer passes an hourly threshold, a lottery takes place. The lottery selects one pixel from all the pixels purchased since the previous lottery this pixel's owner will receive a percentage of the pot. When the timer eventually hits 00:00:00, the final lottery is triggered and the winner will receive 100% of the remaining pot, and the canvas will end.


After along discussion in pixelmaster's community the strongly disagree with the idea of a lottery system instead they love to see Dan Larimer​'s idea which if the pot fails to increase by 0.1% per day, the pot will be distributed and the canvas will end. The pot will be distributed to all players who purchased a pixel in the past 24 hours, proportional to that player's pot contribution (purchase value of pixels) in that past-24-hour time period. Once the canvas is complete, it is immortalized into the blockchain and new canvas will be freshly created. The implementation of Dan Larimer’s idea started at 00:00 UTC 13th October 2018[3][2]

They also revert the original contract proceeds distribution percentage to 40% patron bonus and 25% Pot to help to increase the potential pot daily threshold.[3][2]

Emergent Gameplay

In an effort to encourage other players to deface their art players developed many strategies.

  • Vandalism attempted to lure players into cleaning up art projects.
  • Well crafter pixel art enticed players to vandalize it.
  • Controversial statements or symbols attempted to get players to cover them up.
  • Players cleared out large blank spaces to tempt players into drawing in them.
  • Pornographic pixel art attempted to entice players to add lewd additions or cover them up.
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