Phil Mesnier

Phil Mesnier is a software engineer and blockchain​ advisor. He is the Principal Engineer and Managing Partner at Object Computing, a software solutions company that develops technology in the areas of blockchain, machine learning​, industrial IoT, cloud computing​, serverless computing​, and more.​[1]

He is a developer on EOS​.


Mesnier is from Missouri​. He got involved with software development when he was in high school and was able to program on his own.[+]​ He graduated from Southeast Missouri State University​ with a Bachelor's degree in Physics​.[1]


Phil Mesnier began his career as a software developer​ for Surface Systems. He eventually became a consultant for Envision, a staffing and recruiting company based in St. Louis.

Since then, Mesnier has gained 30+ years experience in software engineering and 20 years of consulting. He has advised people on distributed computing​, solution architecture​, and technology strategy​. Since 1997, Mesnier has worked at Object Computing. He is currently responsible for the oversight and leadership of OCI's blockchain practice. He also works with clients around the world to educate them on decentralized applications and how people can apply blockchain technology to their respective enterprises.[3]

Phil Mesnier

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Southeast Missouri State University
University of Missouri–St. Louis
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St. Louis​, Missouri
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Principal Engineer & Partner
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Object Computing
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Bachelor's in Physics
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