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Peter Daou was the pianist for The Daou ​, a New York -based dance music quintet. He is currently a political activist. [1]

Early Life

Daou grew up in Beirut ​ during the Lebanese Civil War ​. At 15, he began three years of mandatory military training by the Lebanese Forces (a Christian militia). [3]


Daou attended the American University of Beirut ​ but transferred to NYU amid the ongoing civil war to complete his education. [3]


In the 1990's, Daou was a sought-after producer, keyboardist, and engineer, featured on recordings by Bjork, Miles Davis, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, and Mariah Carey, among others.

Daou became a political blogger after the 2000 election. His 2005 article, The Triangle, was described as “a seminal essay on the interaction between the blogosphere, the political establishment, and the press.”

Daou was among the first internet staffers to work in a presidential campaign war room, directing online outreach and rapid response for John Kerry’s 2004 campaign. In 2006, he became Hillary Clinton’s senior digital strategist and was later named Internet Director for her 2008 presidential run. [3]

Personal Life

He is married to Leela Daou ​, also a political activist. [3]

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