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A Penlight is a small, pen -sized flashlight ​, often containing two AA batteries ​ or AAA batteries ​. Penlights can be made out of plastic ​ or metal, and can be any color ​. They most often come with a clip, to hold it on your pocket or something. [3]

An Elwis ​ P190 Penlight

A penlight usually uses a small light known as an "LED" (Light Emitting Diode) but it can also use a small lightbulb ​ made just for small flashlights. The LED lights up when power is run through it.

Making the penlight light up is as simple as pressing a button, or screwing the end on tighter so it makes contact with the batteries. LED penlights are becoming increasingly common with both regular and COB LEDs. [1] ​ AAAA are a newer, thinner type of battery, most commonly found in small electronics ​.

Low-cost penlights may be disposable with little or no provision to replace batteries or bulbs, and are sometimes imprinted with brands for advertising for promotional purposes. [2]

An Elwis ​ S7 Penlight
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