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Paul Daniel Bedson (born 29 July 1975) is an International Sales and Marketing specialist who works self-employed for Paul Bedson Sales & Marketing.[1] Bedson was a Master Editor of Everipedia until September 2018 when editing migrated to the blockchain.[17]
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Early life and education

Bedson was born in Coventry, United Kingdom and attended Solihull School. He attended Warwickshire College and attained an Art and Design Foundation Diploma in 1994 and recieved a B.A. (hons) degree majoring in Business studies with minors in American politics and Russian politics (one module where he achieved 1st grade) from Coventry University in 1997. [1] [2]


Bedson started work during holidays as an assembler aged seven in his Grandfather's trouble light manufacturing business, B.S.P. Limited. [1] At age sixteen Bedson started work as a produce assistant at Tesco PLC supermarket in Stratford-on-Avon, where he was promoted to customer service assistant in his final year and became the branch's highest paid part-time worker. [1] Bedson left Tesco to work as shipping manager and briefly as a bookkeeper at Bedsons Limited while studying at University. [1] After graduating from University, Bedson was uninspired at the prospect of a life in bookkeeping and finance. In 1997 he left Bedsons became a web developer and game tester for his school friend, Simon Woodroffe's computer games company AdventureSoft Limted which later became Headfirst Productions run by AdventureSoft Publishing Limited. [1] [28]
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From 9 January 1998 until 28 June 2002 he moved back to work with the family business to become Sales and Marketing Director of Bedsons Limited. [24]

Between July 2002 and March 2003, Bedson worked as Northern European Sales Manager for IT book publishers Peer Information Limited, the holding company of imprints such as Wrox Press, Glasshaus and Friends of Ed. [1]

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Between March 2003 and April 2004, Bedson worked as Sales Manager for Ink Design, a graphic designers and printers in the center of Birmingham, UK. [1]

Between April 2004 and April 2007, Bedson worked as Marketing Manager for Sandler Seating, a restaurant and audience seating chair company in Bethnal Green, London while George Galloway was Member of Parliament for the constituency. [1]

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In 2007 he co-founded the InSpiral Lounge and in 2010 co-founded inSpiral. [1][2] [18]

Between 2011 and 2013, Bedson worked for over two years at Orange / Everything Everywhere as a top level Tech Support advisor in Plymouth. He also worked for Southern Water / Dyno-Rod for six months as a Dispatcher in Brighton. In 2013, Bedson joined Elwis and within three months of working there using COB (Chip-On-Board) LED disruptive technology, Elwis were able to buy back the assets and customers of Bedson's family business that he previously directed, eleven years prior. Bedsons had to appoint an administrator in September 2013 and was liquidated in 2015, the same year Bedson's Grandmother, Joan died. [36]

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In 2016 Bedson married Hanan El Hail from Tantan in Morocco. They currently live together in Coventry. [17]

In March 2019, Bedson left Elwis after working there for six years as an International Sales and Marketing Manager, a few days before the Everipedia's new site launches.[1]

D.J. Paygan

Bedson Disk Jockey's chillout and world music at Whirl-Y-Gig and Whirl-Y-Fayre as "DJ Paygan" [4] [5] and performed an opening set at the Glade Festival 2012 as "DJ Essaios". [3] He performed at the 2018 Whirl-Y-Fayre, 17th - 19th August in Glastonbury, Somerset. [4]

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Bedson stood as a candidate for the ward of St. Budeaux in the Plymouth City Council Local elections of 2011 and 2012. He won 696 votes with 12.7% of the vote in 2010, coming 4th. [8] This improved to 579 votes and 17.4% of the vote in 2011 coming 3rd and helping UKIP beat the Liberal Democrat candidates. [7] He stood for the United Kingdom Independence Party, which assisted causing Brexit. [8] He later briefly joined the UK Labour Party but resigned when Jeremy Corbyn announced a change in policy to stay in a Customs Union with the European Union. [14]
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In November 2009 Bedson conducted an amateur archaeological survey of the Aaiha plain in Southern Lebanon in coordinaton with Edmund Marriage of the Patrick Foundation. The survey was to analyse and photograph the remains of an archaeological site considered to be Hursag, later known as the Garden of the gods (Sumerian paradise) and the Garden of Eden, originally alledged by Christian O'Brien to be the first Neolithic human settlement. [9]

Bedson has since written several articles on the subject of Lebanese Neolithic Archaeology for the Association for the Protection of Lebanese Heritage magazine "Of Men And Ruins". [10] His articles call for an urgent investigation of the archaeological remains in the Aaiha plain and promotion of research into the Qaraoun culture with particular emphasis to chronologically date the Heavy Neolithic. [11]

Bedson manages a 200 member Facebook group called "Save Beqaa Heritage" which promotes the archaeological and cultural conservation of the Beqaa Valley and environs. [12]

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Bedson joined Everipedia on 27th May 2018 and started topping their daily editor's list on June 1st 2018. [13] Then started topping their weekly editor's list on 9th June 2018 and was promoted to a Master Editor on 12 June 2018. [20] On 25 August, Bedson became one of first online encyclopedia editors to be rewarded in cryptocurrency for writing. Bedson's first rewarded article was about Dub Touch, which was rewarded with about 4 IQ tokens. By September 10, when Everipedia migrated to the blockchain, Bedson had accrued 173,095 IQ Points, created 459 pages and made 9,010 edits. [13]


Bedson was banned from Wikipedia on in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar (21st December 2012). He still ranks around 4000th top Wikipedian by edit count with over 13,000 edits and around 1400th top Wikipedian by article count with 1,167 articles or redirects. [15][16]

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