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The Patrick Foundation is an independent, research Non-profit organization ​ based in Ledbury ​, Herefordshire ​, United Kingdom ​. [1] The current director is Edmund Marriage ​, who among various activities has lobbied for the Quality Driving Initiative to ensure high standards of driving ability in the British Police ​ and general public. [2]

British Wildlife Management

The Patrick Foundation runs a website concerned with the management of British Wildlife ​. [4]

Golden Age Project

The Patrick Foundation was established to promote and continue the research of Marriage's uncle, Christian O'Brien ​ after his death in 2001. The foundation takes on the auspices of ''The Golden Age Project'' and runs a website by that name devoted to historical research. It focuses on the promotion and continued research into O'Brien's thesis surrounding his claimed Garden of Eden ​ archaeological site in the Aaiha plain ​, Lebanon ​. The foundation has organized several video lectures available online and an exploratory survey of the suggested archaeological site. [3]

The foundation promotes a " Levantine Corridor ​ hypothesis" of agricultural origins as an advancement on Fertile Crescent ​ hypotheses in modern archaeology ​. [3]

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