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Patrick Dai is a Chinese technology enthusiast and blockchain expert. He is the founder and chairman of the Qtum Foundation. [1]


Dai was an honor student at Sichuan University where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Computer science. He went on to earn his Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Science and Technology of China. Dai eventually dropped out of a Ph.D program at the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to study emerging blockchain technology, but returned to earn his degree in Communications and Information Systems. [2] [3]


Dai started his career as a product developer and manager for major online retailer, quickly moving on to become a technical advisor at blockchain innovations company, Factom. [5] [6]

In 2015 Dai spent 6 months as the CTO of VeChain, a public blockchain platform that uses NFC chip technology to track products in real time and combat counterfeiting. He then spent a little over a year as CTO of Bitse Group, the third largest Bitcoin mining company in China. [7] [8]

After 4 years as the director of Meilink Dai founded the Qtum Foundation. [3]


In 2017 Dai was featured in Forbes China's "30 Under 30" [4] He has been interviewed by Oracletimes, BlockstreetHQ, Boxmining, and IDEA Communication. [9] [10] [+] [+]

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