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Paragon is a decentralized platform for payments for Cannabis ​ businesses. Businesses can use Paragon's coin to pay for real estate, attorneys and other Cannabis ​ industry services. [1] ​ The company is headquartered in San Francisco ​.


The Founders of Paragon are Jessica VerSteeg ​ and Egor Lavrov ​, who are married. Lavrov made his fortune in Internet-related projects, political PR, and a number of businesses in the United States and Latin America. VerSteeg was Miss Iowa ​ in 2014. [1]

The company has 13 executives and 8 developers, along with a multitude of advisors including The Game ​. [1]

The company raised over $50,000,000 during their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) ​ in 2017. The Paragon coins are ERC20 Token Standard ​. [1]

Paragon invested in Commercial real estate ​ to rent to Cannabis ​ companies. [1]

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