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ORE ID is a decentralized service created by AIKON that helps blockchain -based dapps build secure, one-click log-ins from centralized websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. [1][2] This service allows users who are not familiar with Blockchain and cryptocurrency to easily log in to blockchain -based apps. AIKON seeks to advance the mass addition of Dapps by providing services that connect the blockchain to the real world through Open Rights Exchange (ORE) protocol.


The first time you log in to a Dapp/App service using your ORE ID, you will receive a new account on the ORE blockchain where your identity (your name, e-mail, and etc obtained from your social account) is mapped. The private key for this account is encrypted with the PIN you specify, and this PIN holder can create a transaction for this account. When you log in to API.market, a market opened by AIKON, you also get access through your ORE ID. ORE ID also allows apps to add or airdrop their own cryptocurrency to users.


Everipedia have started applying ORE ID login function on December 30, 2018. As of Dec. 30, creations and modifications of pages can be done with ORE ID log-ins even though users don’t stake IQ tokens. However, they cannot receive token compensations and vote on pages on everipedia.org. When users perform editing activities, they are recorded on EOS main-net under a proxy account, called 'eporeidusers'. IQ tokens required for the activities of the proxy account are supported by Everipedia team.

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