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OracleChain (ticker symbol: OCT) is a cryptocurrency that is December 28th 2017, the circulating supply was 30,000,000 OCT. [1] They are an EOS block producer ​ candidate. [2] ​ They are both the EOSIO block producer candidate and the builder of the EOS oracle service infrastructure. [3]

Logo of OracleChain that has been shared on their Facebook ​ page.

The block Production will be located in China ​, Hong Kong ​, Japan ​, and Canada ​, etc.(multiple locations). [4]


Public Presence

Official website: [5]

Sina weibo: [6]
Twitter: [7]

Wechat official account: OracleChain [8]

Photo of the team of OracleChain.

ID on Steemit

  • OracleChain [9]
  • Official block producer candidate name: OracleChain [12]
  • Location of company headquarters: Beijing, China [13]
  • Expected location of servers: China ​, Hong Kong ​, Japan ​, and Canada [14]
  • Type of servers: Cloud Machine or Physical Machine(IDC) [15]
  • Current employee list and pictures of at least 67% of staff & Relevant background qualifications for at least 67% of staff:
    • Wei Zhao: CEO
    • Chenggen Song: CTO
    • Zhiyong Tran: Chief Scientist
    • Decai Zeng: Blockchain Development
    • Lian Chen: Blockchain Development
    • Yuanbin Shao: Blockchain Development
    • Yanan Wang: Blockchain Development
    • Tengfei Niu: Blockchain Development
    • Congzhen Yang: Blockchain Development
    • Wenfeng Cai: Blockchain Product Manager
    • Jinpeng Lu: Android/IOS Development
    • Weiwei Shi: Android/IOS Development
    • Cheng Ji: Front-end development/UI design
    • Yufang Guo: Front-end development/UI design
    • Xueting Huang: Game Art / Game Planning
    • Andy : Game Art / Game Planning
    • Wenyu Zhang: Community Operation
    • Po Hu: Community Operation
    • Li Guo: HR/Team Administration [16]

Tech Specs

Estimate of technical specifications and total expenditure for resources by June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain. Check mark given for any estimate, modesty encouraged by permanent Steem record. Quality and accuracy of effort will be judged by the EOS community. [17]

Now OracleChain is the testnet block producer node, and they will adopt the DigitalOcean cloud machine with the server approach in the following way: 12core CPU(Intel Xeon ProcessorE5-2650 v4)/48GB DDR4/320G SSD
When the EOSIO mainnet is running, they will adopt the cloud machine with the follow basic configuration like [18] ​:

(1 host, 1 standby)x1.32xlarge/64 core/1024GiB Meory/10TBSSD (They use the AWS cloud server as an example. Actually, other cloud host services or IDC servers may also be used.) [19]

Of course, they will be prepared to make specific adjustments as needed, and the adjustment details will be based on the recommendations of Block.One and on the needs of the EOSIO mainnet. In the future, depending on the maturity of the IPFS technology, IPFS blockchain data storage solutions may also be adopted. [20]

Illustration of OracleChain.

Scaling Plan

Estimated scaling plan for hardware after June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain. Rough outlines receive a check mark, open review gauges the effort. [21]

After June 3, 2018, they will adopt the cloud machine with the follow corresponded configuration with the actual payload, the typical scaling plan is(1 host, 1 standby) [22] ​:

x1.32xlarge/128核/1952GiB Meory/50TBSSD (We use the AWS cloud server as an example. Actually, other cloud host services or IDC servers may also be used.) [23]

They also prepared a physical machine(IDC)plan, which is just like(1 host, 1 standby):
4 * Intel Xeon ProcessorE7-4820 v4 2.00 GHz/10C/25M/115W processors;
8 * 12 DIMM memory board;
64 * 32GB/DDR4/ 2400MHz/ECC/REG/2RANK memory;
24* 3.5 SAS3.0/SATA3.0 Drive Backplane;
14 * Intel/SSD/DC/S4500 Series(3.8TB,2.5inch SATA 6Gb/s ,3D Nand,TLC);
Support 4* X16+4* X8;
2+2 920W Redundant power supply;
2 * Standard gigabit network interfaces [24]

They are negotiating technical cooperation with cloud service providers. It is possible that they will adopt a more optimized solution than the above two solutions in the future. [25]

Community Projects

Community benefit project outline, only for projects expected to be public by June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain. [26]

Some of their specific contributions made to the EOS ecology include:

1). Now the OracleChain team has developed PocketEOS, an EOS wallet application that can actually run on the EOSIO test network. It plans to open source the wallet application code in May 2018 to support EOS ecological construction. At the same time, we also released the first Dapp name “有问币答(Ask your question with your token)” which is fully operational on EOS smart contracts. [27]

The main logo of OracleChain that has been shared on Steemit.

2). Currently, OracleChain is also a block producer of the EOS official testnet. The OracleChain team will actively cooperate with various debugging, operation and maintenance tasks of the EOSIO official testnet, and further enhance the ability to operate and maintain the EOSIO mainnet block producer node. [28]

The EOSIO official testnet block producer node information is:
Node Name: OracleChain
URL/IP Information:, port: 8888/9876
Contact: Issay

3). The OracleChain team, as an early researcher of EOS technology and a continuing promoter of EOS technology in China, started the series of EOS blockchain development practice reports from July 2017. The EOS Compilation and Testing Guideline has been published by the OracleChain team. [29]

4). The OracleChain team has been propagating EOS in China to promote smart contract development and explore decentralized business models. A series of “Linking Dapp Times - Blockchain Technology Salon Offline Meetup Nationwide” activities have been held. The event was held in four cities in China, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu. These activities invited the local EOS project development team in the event cities to actively participate in and promoted the popularization of EOS Ecology in China. [30]

5). The OracleChain team will host the EOS blockchain hackathon in Beijing (expected city), China, in May 2018, encouraging more EOS developers, especially EOS Dapp developers, to get more exposure opportunities, tap outstanding projects, and promote EOS ecologically fast landing. [31]

6). The OracleChain team will work with the freeCodeCamp Chinese community to cultivate and develop the EOS development community. The freeCodeCamp is the open source project on GitHub with the maximum stars, covering more than 160 countries, more than 2000 cities, and about 2 million developers (of which about 120,000 developers in China community). [32]

The OracleChain team will continue to deepen cooperation with the freeCodeCamp Chinese community and its operator BlockGeek in the future. With its existing developer community and organizational model, it will nurture and incubate more EOS developer communities globally. [33]

7). EOS developer training has always been an important element in the EOS developer's plan. In view of this, the OracleChain team will deepen cooperation with freeCodeCamp Chinese community and its operator BlockGeek and plans to conduct blockchain training in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, etc., and follow-up. They will also develop online and gamified courses and train more EOS developer. [34]

8). They established the OracleChain Lab to explore smart contract development and decentralized application business models, and to incubate third-party Dapp projects. At present, several Dapp projects that we hatch will be brought to market simultaneously when PocketEOS is officially launched. [35]

9). The OracleChain team also organized a blockchain high-end technology salon and continued to export the core blockchain technology to China's blockchain projects and enterprises. The three themes that have been held so far are "Smart Contract Security. [36]

10). The OracleChain team has a strong background in information and system security and is working hard to provide a security solution for the EOS ecosystem, especially the EOSIO block producer node. [37]

As a company, they always think that when they look at a candidate who claims to do something in the future, they still need to look at what they have done. All of the above work that has been described has already been done and will continue to be carried out by the OracleChain team. [38]

In the futureOracleChain will continue to actively participate in the EOS community's various tasks which includes improving and optimizing EOS development documentation, promoting the development of EOS wallet and browser, support for EOS start-up projects, organizing various types of event to propagate EOS projects, etc. And they will work with our partners to incubate more EOS developers, establish more local EOS technical communities in China. They hope to cooperate with global EOS developers and community participants to build EOS Ecosystem. [39]

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram: [40] ​​

Testnet: OracleChain [41]

Block Producer Roadmap

The value of the OracleChain team is to contribute more to the ecology of EOS, especially to the ecology of EOS developers, and to grow together with EOS Ecology. [42]

The OracleChain community already has considerable supporters around the world. The world has established a community of 12 different languages. Our English community has more than 7,000 community members. The Chinese community also has nearly 8,000 community members. The Russian community has also nearly 2 thousand community members. In the future, we will continue to promote the construction of OracleChain's community, attract more people to pay attention to EOS technology and EOS community, and will attract more technology developers to enter the EOS ecosystem for development and promote the commercial landing of EOS application scenarios. [43]

The financial principle of OracleChain BP node is that we will use all of the block rewards for the entire EOS ecology. Based on the current regulations of the EOS constitution, we have proposed EOS-BP-DAO. [44]

Position on Dividends

Based on the current EOS constitution, OracleChain will never offer EOS token payment to EOS token voters for any reason, including BP elections AND worker proposals. OracleChain will review this issue if the related terms of EOS constitutions are modified in the future. [45]

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