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Oracle-D is a company that provides clients with blockchain technology to create incentivize-based platforms. The company's CEO is Matt Starkey.[1]


The intellectual underpinnings of Oracle-D come from ideas rooted in voluntarism and incentivism; the belief that people will do higher quality work when there is a adjusting reward structure attached to it. The company utilizes the steemit blockchain when building its incentivization platforms and systems. The services that Oracle-D offer to clients include community building, blockchain consultancy, and software development. As of March 2019, Oracle-D had over 1900 followers on Steemit.[1] [2]


Matt Starkey is the CEO and previously worked in the oil and gas industry. Dylan Leighton is the CTO and co-founder who is a "polymath, inventor, radical thought leader and exceptional public speaker, meshing technology with psychology, philosophy, economics and game theory." Prashant Bhalla serves as Head of Content Creation while US Navy Veteran Ivy Riane is the Head of Publishing.[2]

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