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Open Theism is a more biblical, coherent, less problematic relational theism view of divine providence than Calvinism, Molinism, Arminianism, Process Thought. It is a robust, explanatory view often misunderstood and misrepresented by critics. It has biblical, theological, philosophical, historical, practical issues.

Open Theism distinctive include exhaustive definite foreknowledge not being compatible with libertarian free will (dynamic omniscience); God experiencing an everlasting duration of time (sequence/succession) rather than timelessness; two motifs of a partially open/unsettled/indeterminate future and a partially closed/settled/determinate future. God's sovereignty is providential, not meticulous. He is omnicompetent, not omnicausal. It privileges a right view of love/freedom over a wrong view of power/control.

Some proponents (?) may include: Richard Swinburne, Clark Pinnock, John Sanders, Gregory Boyd, William Hasker, Dean Zimmerman, Peter van Inwagen, Lorenzo McCabe, David Basinger, Alan Rhoda, Thomas Jay Oord, Richard Rice, Winkie Pratney, Lorenzo McCabe, J.R. Lucas, Skip Moen, Gordon Olson, A.N. Prior (?), John Polkinghorne (?), Adam Clarke, etc.

Summary: [2]

Dr. Gregory Boyd [1]

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