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ODEM is an on-demand education marketplace built on the Ethereum Blockchain. The platform connects students, educators, and service providers where, together, they develop and engage in personal and group, in-person educational programs.


On the ODEM platform (which stands for on-demand education marketplace), students may choose classes and store their transaction history on the Blockchain. This format enables students to maintain a single record of their academic experiences and certification, regardless of locale or educator. In addition to ODEM's use of blockchain , the platform also allows for off-chain actions such as adding or searching for specific classes.

The ODEM Token, the platform’s currency, acts as a software license, enabling students and academics immediate access to the platform.[3]

The students can purchase courses, lectures and curricula using the platform and pay easily with the ODEM Wallet, which makes transactions via smart contracts. Educators will be able to submit their products: courses, lectures and curricula and receive their commission via the ODEM Wallet. The wallet will have zero transaction fees meaning that the teachers will receive all the money paid by the students.[4]

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