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Nissim Malul is an Israeli Business owner ​ of natural healing products of diverse backgrounds and sourced from places that provide quality ingredients. [1] [2] Based in Los Angeles, Nissim is a healer learned in many areas related to Alchemy ​ and Hypnotherapy ​.​ [3]

Nissim Malul with Lauryn Hill ​.


Malul was born and raised in the country of Morocco ​and also lived in Israel ​ for much of his upbringing. [✔] [4]


Malul has attended an array of schools and has learned his practices from different teachers throughout his life. [5]

As a younger man, he attended ORT Braude College of Engineering ​ where he studied to be a Biotechnology Technician. [14] ​ Soon after completing his studies he began his studies in Reiki ​. [8]

He also began his certification as a Thai masseuse at the Institute For Traditional Thai Massage in Thailand​. [8]

In Oshō ​ Commune Center in Pune, India ​, he continued his studies in the next level of Reiki healing. He also continued his meditation and breathing techniques. [8]

Nissim Malul with Ziggy Marley ​ and another woman.

Back in Israel, he began his master training in reiki. [8]

After living in Israel and traveling around the world for his studies, he moved to California ​. He attended Monterey Peninsula College ​ where he received his certificate in Massage Therapy & health Sciences. [7]

In 2005, he trained to be a Hypnotherapist ​ at HMI. [8]

He also attended Now NLP, in which he became a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. [9]


After college in Israel, Malul trained for many years in the late 1990s and early 2000s in different areas of healing and Meditation ​. [10]

For many years, Malul has worked as a masseuse, hypnotherapist, healer, and other areas related to spiritual health. [11]

Karma Integrity

He founded a company of products called Karma Integrity Inc. Karma Integrity Inc. is dedicated to the distribution of the highest quality, simple, effective, and powerful products and information, in the pursuit of enhancing the quality of life for humans and animals, while also benefiting our earth and Eco systems. [12]

The brands are called: Auro Liquid, Cacao Alchemy, and Mint Crystals. [13]

Nissim Malul at an event where he played the drums.


For many years he has worked as a Hypnotherapist for more than a decade. [14]

Personal Life

Nissim Malul lives in Los Angeles, California. He often works as a Chocolatier where he sources handmade raw chocolate from Real Raw Heirloom Cacao that was grown on 80 years old trees out in the jungles of Ecuador.​ [15]

Malul is also a drummer and often plays at events around Southern California. [16]

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