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Night Lovell, previously also known as KLNV, is a rapper from Ottawa, Canada and was born on May 29, 1997. First gaining popularity in 2014 with the release of his debut LP, Concept Vague, Lovell uses raspy vocal delivery to create a dark and often ominous atmosphere within his music.

Night Lovell's sophomore release, Red Teenage Melody, was released on June 13, 2016 [2], and carried the same ominous delivery; however, "trap" influence appeared to a much greater extent throughout the release.

Lovell grew up listening to Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., and Wiz Khlaifa, and later to bands such as AC/DC. [16] His mom is Haitian and his dad is Jamaican and would also play soca and dancehall music. [16] Lowell started making music in the summer of 2013. [16] He downloaded Fruity Loops and made beats. A year later he decided to put vocals on it. [16] His breakout song "Dark Light" was released in late 2014. [16]

Athletics and Personal Life

In addition to his prominent music career as Night Lovell, Shermar Paul has also found success as an athlete during his high school years, where he studied at St. Paul High School. Shermar was most well known for his participation in the 100m and 200m sprints. His personal records for both sprints were set in 2014, when he timed 10.73s and 21.76s respectively [5]. During that same year, he advanced to Final B in the 200m dash for the Nanjing Youth Olympics. [5]

Discography and Track Listings

Concept Vague

  1. Concept Nothing - 4:08
  2. Live Television - 2:43
  3. Beneath - 4:07
  4. Sometimes Not Serious - 2:10
  5. The Renegade Never Dies - 2:38
  6. Off Air - 3:26
  7. Forget About Me - 2:50
  8. Dead Lovell Ft. Fifty Grand - 3:12
  9. James Cameron Took My Bitch (Interlude) - 1:17
  10. Light From The Car - 3:02
  11. Material Female - 2:45
  12. Trees Of The Valley - 3:08
  13. Questioning Your Theory - 2:43
  14. Deira City Center - 3:16
  15. Dark Light - 3:26

Red Teenage Melody

  1. Boy Red - 3:41
  2. Contraband - 3:47
  3. Rideau Swing - 2:29
  4. I'm Okay - 2:37
  5. Barbie Doll - 3:57
  6. Guidance ft. Nessly - 2:56
  7. PP15 Interlude - 1:44
  8. Louis V - 3:54
  9. Problems - 3:01
  10. Riot Ballad ft. Waxy Drexler - 2:54
  11. Still Cold / Pathway Private - 4:31
  12. Just Tryna ft. Dylan Brady - 5:54
  13. Yen - 3:34
  14. Teenage Cutie - 2:20
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