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Nick Gogerty is the founder of Thoughtful Capital Group , a value research and portfolio allocation consultancy firm based in Greenwich, CT USA. [+] He is a specialist in emerging technology, economics and behavior. He has held senior technology and innovation roles at Starlab , an advanced European research institute modeled on the MIT Media Lab, various startups, and one of the world’s largest hedge funds. He is inventor and founder of solar energy reward, SolarCoin cryptocurrency and its distributed blockchain backbone, ElectriCChain.

From 1996–2001 Gogerty served as Chief Analyst at “Deep Future” multi-disciplinary research institute Starlab in Brussels, Belgium. Previously, he worked as a senior business analyst at one of the world’s largest global-macro hedge funds, Bridgewater Associates. He has been involved in risk analysis, forex trading, and software development for more than twenty years. He co-founded, and was CTO of healthcoin , a project for using economic incentives to reduce the global diabetes epidemic.


Gogerty is inventor and founder of SolarCoin, a distributed solar energy reward system. The multibillion dollar blockchain solution for rewarding global solar energy production works as a token representing kilowatt hours of solar energy that can be traded on the any cryptocurrency exchange.

Joined by solar energy advocates Luke Johnson and François Sonnet, and fellow Starlab alumnus Christopher Altman, Gogerty cofounded ElectriCChain —the distributed swarm intelligence, Internet-of-Things SolarCoin Blockchain backbone—in January 2016.

The initiative has been recognized by the United Nations and the International Renewable Energy Agency. It forms the lowest carbon currency, the largest environmental monitoring experiment, and the largest private renewable energy project in the world. To date, the project has granted more than 6.4 million MWh of solar power across 58 countries—enough to power the city of Amsterdam and its residents for a full year.

He has worked as a quantitative developer and trader on a proprietary foreign exchange desk in London and has been a serial entrepreneur in convergence spaces between technology and media. As an analyst in finance and technology, he has worked for some of the largest banks and hedge funds in the world, serving as an advisor to the UNEP, UNDP, UNFCCC and G20. His concepts for applying blockchain enabled nano-grids for developing country economic development won an award at the UN COP22 talks in 2016.


Gogerty is a published author, international prizewinner and guest lecturer on the subject of value investing. Columbia University published his book, The Nature of Value , which explains how innovation and economic processes are an evolutionary process.

His currently Chief Strategist at Lykke Corp and an Associate and Portfolio Manager at Fertilemind Capital, focusing on technology and clean energy in New York.

He received a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Iowa in 1993 and M.B.A. in Hedge Fund Optimization at ENPC School of International Management in 1997.

Gogerty is married with one daughter.

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