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NeilN is a senior administrator ​ of English Wikipedia ​ who has threatened another Wikipedian ​ with a block after discussions regarding Philip Cross. [1]

A user called Kumioko on the Wikipedia Sucks! noticeboard has reveiwed NeilN's behavour as an admin negatively, saying that he is "a typical example of the kind of admin that thinks they can do whatever they want to editors. He has no respect for the editing community, no respect for other admins and no respect for the project. He is like a sociopath ​ who manipulates others into thinking they are trying to help and just goes around tearing people down. He doesn't create or improve content and he doesn't do anything really of value except lord over others. NeilN is the perfect example of why adminship should be temporary and they should have to rerun every few years so they can go and be an editor and actually improve the project and see what it's like to be a real editor. As it is, he does nothing but help our cause through his hostility and incompetence towards Wikipedia editors." [3]

Further, exeedingly negative reviews of NeilN's behaviour on Wikipedia have been expressed on Reddit ​. [4]

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