Natu Myers

Natu Myers is an entrepreneur. He is building an investment brokerage to connect financial institutions with blockchain startup companies. 

Early Life & Education

Natu Myers was born and raised in Ottawa​, Canada. He received his Bachelor of Computing​ degree from Queen's University​ in 2016. He played Canadian football​ for the Queen's Gaels​ football during his tenure at the university. After Natu Myers enrolled into startup training programs and blockchain certification courses including  "Blockchain for business - an introduction to hyperledger technologies." by edX​. [1]​ [2] [3]


Natu Myers is the founder of Natu Innovations Inc., a consulting firm that services financial institutions. Clients include cryptocurrency​ brokerages that allow for the settlement of large cryptocurrency to fiat transactions. A notable client is DE Asset Management Limited, an early growth stage venture capital firm focused on helping blockchain entrepreneurs attract investors and prepare for scaling and expansion.  

Natu Myers (source: StartUpers)[6]
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