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Napkin Finance is a multimedia​ company that offers a better way to learn and understand complex financial topics.


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Napkin Finance is a visual, engaging, and fun guide to complex financial topics. These topics are sketched out on napkins to illustrate and break down their meaning. Napkin Finance was founded in 2016 by Tina Hay​.[6]

Napkin Finance has partnered with the First Lady Michelle Obama​’s Education Initiative, Better Make Room, with the creation of a Napkin Finance course for helping students save and pay for college.[5]

The company has also worked with institutions like JP Morgan Chase, UBS, and Banorte´. They currently reach over 80 million people in the US and abroad through partners and distribution channels. The Napkin Finance book will be released by Harper Collins in December of 2019.

Napkin Finance has been featured in Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance​, E!, and Forbes​ among others publications.[5]

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