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Nabis is software enabled Type 11 cannabis licensed distributor, which provides services for cannabis cultivators and brands. [1] [2]


Nabis is based in Oakland, California and provides distribution services for cannabis cultivators and brands around sales, software, and logistics.[2] [3] [5] [7] CEO and Co-Founder Vince Ning; and Co-Founder and President Jun S. Lee led the company.[1] [2] [6] [8] [7] Ning was an Engineer at Microsoft and sold his previous company Scaphold(bootstrapped from Y Combinator) to Amazon.[1] [2] Lee was an engineer at Facebook.[1] [2] [6]


Silicon Valley elite investors like Babel Ventures, Y Combinator alumni, CannaAngels, Scott Robinson, and Jeremy Gardner are the investors at Nabis which provided $1.25M as seed capital.[1] [3] [4] [6]


Ning was helping his friend in his cannabis business and was delivering the products to the retailers from the manufacturers.[8] In this delivering process, Ning had a chance of meeting many people of the cannabis industry across California.[8] He made a goal for himself of incorporating logistics practices to the cannabis industry.[1] As a result, in 2017 Nabis was founded.[7] [1] The delivery process was done using the personal car of the Co-founders in the initial days.[1] The demand grew for their services and was forced to purchase a vehicle, as their private cars did not have enough space nor enough time to distribute.[8] They immediately bought a vehicle for their service from their cash and continued with their venture.[8] Today, Nabis distribute the Cannabis products to the licensed retail dispensaries at California through its supply chain infrastructure.[1] [3] [7]

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