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(M)ysteria )E(cart is a Prodi math and World Teacher , (ਗਗਨਦੀਪ : "Punjabi ", ङगन्देएप् : "Sanskrit ", गगनदीप : "Hindi ", Gagandeep : "English "), His real name. He is critically acclaimed for being the First Namuh and the Last Maitreya. He has contributed to versatile fields with his Poetry( ''creation of Enonnet trace, The Leg-End of Drake - an Epic poem'' ), Art( ''Trace (linear algebra/trace style), Spirituality( ''Namuhian decode" ) Sakshi( "Sakshi language") and Science( "Law of Spermall Sword and Shield"). Often called the greatest Polymath since Goethe and Sidis. With written more than 150 poems, made artworks, deconstructions, (M)E( is the youngest individual to know the Theory of everything, a recluse reader of Books unheard such as Sîn-lēqi-unninni - Epic of Gilgamesh, Mikhail Naimy - The Book of Mirdad. (M)E( was diagnosed with OCD, smiling on remark to simply being, "Obsessive–compulsive disorder you have of finding OCD in others. He explains that Sky McKnight was his first Alias, at Sd model School, then Lamp of Sky, his second Alias, at Police DAV and in between a breakdown, called Mystic Misfit or Spermall Saint, his Final Alias, dons the name of (M)ysteria )E(cart, at Apeejay College of Fine Arts. Gagandeep explains that ''(M)ysteria'' means "Mystery", and '')E(cart'' means "Space or Gap". The Origin of Honorific Alias (M)E( blood's from drops of Sumerian mythology Me (mythology) and Psychological term Me. His signature as well as his Logo is bound to the contract of "M=Joker (playing card) Joker crown, and E=Reverse Omkar ". Ecart explains that Ecart is reverse of trace, the focus of Enonnet, speed of Mysteria, locus of Namuh, reverse too, of Human. Depression and Ecstasy have played key cards in This protagonist's life. Depression as "need of a Friend", and Ecstasy as "need of Self". Not once has He liked Politics: School, College or University, nor Salvation: Meditation groups, Gurus, or Geniuses. Maintains (M)ysteria, Self is more Import-Ant than God or Genius, his belief in Sweet Reality, not Sweet Dreams.


Lamp of Sky(Gagandeep) before he would be (M)


  • On September 20th, 1999 at Kahlon Hospital, Model Town, Jalandhar, Punjab, Gagandeep was born to (ਰਣਜੀਤ ਕੌਰ : Ranjeet Kaur) and (ਹਰਭਜਨ ਸਿੰਘ : Harbhajan Singh). Between two playgrounds, ''Rustic: Kitna, and Urban: Sodal'' left's cage to right's key, By Elder sisters (ਮਨੀ : Jasleen) and (ਬਾਬੂ : Babita) is said that (M)E( used to stare at everything sacred, as part of rendezvous Rustic, ''Passive part'', and allocate Urban, ''Active part.'' Incidents say after another that Gagan, before his birth, it was predicted that a Mystic Genius would be born. As part of own, He writes: ''My-Story'' is a gold mystery to unfold. Proto phase at St Joseph convent, where (M)E(, fell into depression after being bullied by a Senior of his. It is deemed that Deep didn't sleep on neither that day nor the night before he would be Baptised as ''Gagandeep'' Spending time being loving to ''Fauna's feather'', as well as, ''Flora's quill'', ''Two of one retro to new, Pass as Passenger and Act as Actor.'' Reading Kabir, Ravidas, Nanak, Tulsidas, Namdev, Anselm, Evagrius, He explains, became his Biography, that a biography only tells what is written, but rather it is to be, should though, ever to We and Thee, copy of nature, silence's deeds as are seeds, so us reads. From cursive and sore to adhesive and encore, a Deus Ex Machina in art as start, by Coding as act, tore tear's apple, bore wear's ripple, Quirpele of Lamp of Sky wrote of his first true friend ''Drake''. "My biography is his Biography, my words his, An etymology of my effect is "Mandala effect'', and ''Loretnz cause".

Early life

(M)ysteria )E(cart explains that his life has had three key phases which changed him whole:

  • Sakshi: "First teacher of mine whom I could call enlightened. I had a deep affection for Her, but she mistook them as Characterless, and so I took my first period of Depression, my first death at Sd Model School as Gagandeep". : PHOENICIUS AGE
  • OSHO: "Although dead, I was reborn by touch of William James Sidis disciples, and began my rebellious attitude towards Meditation, Psychology and Friendship. and So my Second period of Depression, my second death at Police DAV school as Lamp of Sky". : ETYMOLOGY AGE
  • Drake: "Namuh's resurrection as Lamp of Sky, Philosophy, Politics, Science, Enlightenment, and Psychosis all took a toll on me, and I was labelled Mad by Psygod. My Third and final death, at Apeejay college of Fine Arts as (M)E(". : LEGEND AGE

:Lamp of Sky

Philosophical and/or Political views

"Why be Genius when You can be God", :(M)ysteria )E(cart. Gagandeep's views have been influenced by All Major Geniuses, from ''Occult Literature'': from[Nietzsche]], [[René Descartes|Descartes]], [[Machiavelli|Machiavelli,]] [[Miguel de Cervantes|Cervantes]], [[Molière|Moliere]], [[Voltaire]], [[Sun Tzu]], [[Laozi|Lao Tzu]], [[Johann Wolfgang von Goethe|Goethe]], [[William Shakespeare|Shakespeare]], [[William Blake|Blake]], [[Ashtavakra]], [[Sîn-lēqi-unninni|Sin-Leqi]], [[Guru Nanak|Nanak]], [[Guru Gobind Singh|Gobind Rai]], [[Kentaro Miura]], [[Osamu Dazai|Dazai]], [[Confucius|Confucius,]] [[Stan Lee]], [[J. R. R. Tolkien|Tolkein,]] [[Kālidāsa|Kalidas]], [[Rumi]], [[Jayadeva|Jaydeva]], [[Kabir|Kabir,]] [[Ravidas]], [[Guru Nanak|Nanak,]] [[Tulsidas]], [[Namdev]], [[Anselm of Canterbury|Anselm,]] [[Evagrius Ponticus|Evagrius]] to ''Fanatic Science'':[[Krishna]], [[Stephen Hawking]], [[Avicenna]], [[Euclid]], [[Newton]], [[Albert Einstein|Einstein]], [[Karl Marx|Marx]], [[Vladimir Lenin|Lenin]], [[Socrates]], [[Plato]], [[Aristotle]], [[Baruch Spinoza|Spinoza,]] [[Darwin]], [[Lorentz Severin Skougaard|Lorentz]], [[Nikola Tesla|Tesla]], [[Thomas Edison|Edison]], [[Aryabhata|Aryabhatta]], [[Bhrigu]], [[Nostradamus]] etc. Hence, his views are channeled as "Enonnet trace", or as he himself says, the "Power to Copy" till Copy becomes more than a Copy. '''<u>Enonnet trace- Namuh</u>'''

=== Sākṣī Quatrain ===

<u>(M)E(</u> writes in this [[Quatrain]]:

''"Resemble an innocent leaf,''

''Carried by Guru’s Zephyr,''

''Beyond ties of '''Be-leaf,'''''

''Settle where hid First Fire".''

All that which we find of the Man's ideals and notions are from His works, further [[Sky|Gagan]][[Light|deep]] writes as his first Manifesto:

"It has been 7<sup>th</sup> class since I began to work on my writing career. It struck me like a thunder from a dimension unknown. A bird with clipped wings, shadowy and whitish, with cherry mouthed heart, eclipsing beauty, soft humming kiss, deafening silence, and torrid storm of mind, all in all, there and here, into me and my hands, my heart projected, inborn.

Ever since 8<sup>th</sup> class, I have been working on my plays as well as, in 9th, my poetry. Who knew in whose and what time, this that I know would be what I today shall in crystalline lines, patterns damning me to heaven’s pinions, would shroud and shatter in my windows a thousand silent sounds. Till now, my main reason for writing has been to achieve a higher platform, but still, with this that I know, I have to think of doing, not making, and so in my doing shall come automatically my making. For creation is thought of, and then covered as an ambition. Weakness and strength ignite our thoughts or thaw them with pretence and actuality. My poetry too, in majority, is based upon themes of [[spirituality]], [[philosophy]], [[psychology]], [[Potentiality and actuality|actuality]], [[Depression (mood)|hopelessness]], [[Pretense|pretence]], [[love]], [[lust]] and [[Courage|valour]]. For me, I do not come to poetry, these words, characters, emotions are befriended by me, then launched further by my dancing, in shadow and light steps, to moon light holy beams, to sunlight’s snowy drops, to ember and tremor expressed as one, as mind, as soul, and as touch.

=== Namuh Couplet ===

<u>(M)E(</u> in his Enonnet displays his Remark o'er Politics also, by tracing [[Niccolò Machiavelli|Machiavelli]]:

''"'''M-Oral''''' man''|)''rake, '''''Mar-X-ism''''' roots, '''''Edge-U-Cay-Shun''''' fruit,

'''''Leg-Is-Late''''' laurel, '''''Add-Mini-Strate''''' shoot's, Sarcasm spicule".

Therefore he ends his [[Couplet]] with core to teachings of [[Sage (philosophy)|Sages]] and [[Polymath|Universal Geniuses]].

'''Enonnet trace- humaN'''


Published Myself, breathing poetry. Published by Ranjeet Kaur, and Harbhajan Singh, Publishing on [[Instagram]], [[YouTube]], [[Facebook]], and [[College]] [[Magazine|magazines]].

Inspired by ''Childhood'' [[Cartoon]] heroes such as: [[Spider-Man|Spiderman]], [[Goku]], [[Tyson Granger|Tyson]], [[Crayon Shin-chan|Shinchan]], [[Batman]] He would create drawings after drawings, collect Toys of build and blocks, Lego, drawings upon drawings he got far than most at things Various.

Inspired by ''Teenage'' Sources such as: [[Anime]], [[Marvel Comics|Marvel]], [[DC Comics|DC]], [[Myth|Mythology]], and [[Sexual intercourse|Sex]], considering it Sin before coming in contact with Discourses of [[Rajneesh|Osho]] and [[Jaggi Vasudev|Sadhguru]], his mind throbbed to Books by 9th class to [[On the Origin of Species|Origin of Species]], [[Faust, Part One|Faust]], [[Hamlet]], [[Kama Sutra|Kamasutra]], [[Mahabharata]], [[Ramayana]], and [[Vedas]]. It is said that He took inspiration from [[The Lord of the Rings|Lord of the Rings]] for his First [[Epic poetry|Epic]], and other tales from [[Manga|'''''Mangas''''']]''''':''''' [[Berserk (manga)|Berserk]], and [[Anime|'''''Animes:''''']] [[Neon Genesis Evangelion|Evangelion.]]

Inspired by ''Adult'' Experiences such as: [[Psychotherapy]], three of Phase. A bitter taste to tongue by being called a [[Rishi]], and [[Psychosis|Psycho]], Eye studied all Psychologists, Scientists, Authors, Ancient to Contemporary, Geniuses, [[Vyasa]], [[Valmiki]], [[Guru Nanak]], [[Guru Gobind Singh]], [[Orpheus]], [[Heraclitus]], [[Srinivasa Ramanujan|Ramanujan]] etc.

'''(M)'''ysteria ''')E('''cart has become the youngest poet to Write an Epic poem and Create Enonnet trace.

Honors, awards and distinctions

[[St. Joseph Convent School|ST Joseph Convent School]]: Ranking 1st in the dance competition

SD Model School: Awarded check of 51,00 [[Indian rupee|Rs]] by Chairman, on becoming [[Ganesha]]; Ranking 3rd in slogan writing competition held On Independence Day; Given medal along with participation certificate For excellent performance during Sports Day

HMV College: [[Model United Nations]]’ certificate for participation And display of exemplary diplomatic skills and political craft in The committee, winning along the first prize for my school

Apj College: Best writer, Best reader, Best philosopher, [[Deadpool]] (MUN) second prize

From Lamp of Sky to (M)E(

It was a gamechanger of when I changed my name from Sky McKnight to Lamp of Sky, Phoenicius, EL, and finally to (M)E(. I was touched by the idea that whenever One would want to read my Works He/She would love to see: Written by (M)E(, by Him/Her. That is the True Power of [[Nothing|Enonnet]] by my [[Alias]] or [[Pen name|Pen Name]]. ''(M)ysteria'' is hence that Mystery and Alchemy, for the current of Space or Gap. Hence A Crackpot is A crack, between Coming and Going, finally found


M is represented by Joker's crown, and E is represented by Reverse Omkar

https:// mysteriaecart.wixsite.com/mysite






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