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Murmur (cryptocurrency symbol: MUR) is a rewards based micro-blogging Dapp built on the EOS blockchain. The platform is censorship-resistant and allows users to control their data, trace the origins of any story, and get rewarded for creating content and engaging with ad partners. Murmur was founded by Abhinav Ramesh and Amit Maurya in 2018 and is based in Bengaluru.[1][2][8]


Information uploaded to Murmur by an individual is completely owned by them giving users the ability to share it with networks that build on top of Murmur. Users are rewarded for participation in the form of the MUR token, paid for by the network and partner platforms. MUR tokens can be used on the platform as content rewards, for peer-to-peer payments, in-app purchases, and more. Cryptographic encryption of private data along with a decentralized validation network equals to consent-driven user privacy. [1] [10]

A Murmur is a 256 character message that is published directly on the EOS Blockchain. With Murmur users can submit their murmurs as yells which are public posts like tweets or as whispers private messages to other users. Murmur users can also snoop (Murmur's version of a like or upvote) on yells by other users. Murmur users are rewarded on how much interaction their yells get. [9] [10]

In addition, Murmur supports partner platforms with APIs and SDKs, which allow for ad networks to pay the user as well as the signing into third-party apps with the platform.[2]


  • Abhinav Ramesh (Co-Founder)
  • Amit Maurya (Co-Founder)
  • Sami Husseni (Product Manager)
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