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Michelle Shaprow (SHAP-row) is an American singer, songwriter, producer and angel investor. She studied psychology and philosophy at Yale University and conducted her thesis on music cognition and perception.While at Yale she released music on Warner Brothers Records, Om Records, Ministry of Sound and King Britt’s FiveSix label. She recorded her debut album “Purple Skies” with Grammy nominated producer Alex Elena and Joshua Valleau.

Michelle recorded her sophmore album “Earth One” with Alex Elena and Topher Mohr. Both albums reached the Top 10 in Japan. Her music has received popular acknowledgement worldwide. “Purple Skies” was selected as one of the best albums of 2011 in Japan’s "iTunes Rewind". Her songs reached the top 10 pop charts in Korea’s most popular digital malls. Michelle’s single "If I Lost You" became number 1 on BBC London 94.9 FM, charted on Gille’s Peterson’s Top 20 List and L.A.’s KCRW and played regularly as promotional theme music for VH1. “Back Down to Earth” became the most requested songs on Botswana’s Yarona fm.

Shaprow’s sound spans genres. Her dance music collaboration with Speakerboxx, “Time” reached #5 on the Billboard dance charts and was nominated for an International Dance Music Award in the dance pop category alongside Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna. Through word of mouth, pre-released versions of her songs popped up on the iTunes Store Top 100 Jazz singles chart in the U.S., Germany and Greece, Australia, Canada, Greece and Mexico. Her music plays regularly at Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, H&M, Gilly Hicks, Barnes and Nobles, Wet Seal, BodyShop, Forever 21, EasySpirit, Arden B, Wilson's Leather, Applebee's, and Stylish Sophistication stores around the world and has been featured on VH1, TLC and Discovery Channel.

Michelle also appeared in a Coca Cola commercial. Shaprow is known for her progressive use of social media in marketing music and connecting personally with her fans. Music industry blog Hypebot profiled Michelle in a feature discussing her innovative use of social media platforms. Her music has appeared in several of YouTube guru Michelle Phan's videos. HMV Japan refers to Shaprow as ""iTunes 世代の歌姫"--“Diva of the iTunes generation"". When she signed a worldwide publishing deal with BMG she celebrated by creating a video thanking her Facebook fans which was featured on Facebook’s official music page. She is famously reclusive. A “mystic”. And makes albums “When the music tells me to”.

She currently resides in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. [+]

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