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Morissa Schwartz is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, singer, and professional speaker based out of Morganville, New Jersey. Schwartz is the Chief Communications Officer (CCO) of No Borders, Inc., a leading blockchain development company. She is also the Owner of Dr Rissy's Writing and the Proprietor of GenZ Publishing. [10] [2] [3] [9]

Early Life

Morissa Schwartz is originally from Aberdeen Township, New Jersey. Growing up Schwartz had Lyme disease, a potentially life-threatening illness. Nearly a dozen doctors told her that the illness she had might never be properly treated. However, her life changed when a specialist cured her of the disease at the age of 12. After this life changing experience, Schwartz decided that she needed to live life to the fullest and created a "bucket list" of all that she wanted to do. [4]

Bucket List

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Morissa Schwartz Inspires

At the beginning Schwartz's list included setting a Guinness World Record, writing a book, appearing on national television and a billboard, volunteering at veterans’ events, becoming a doctor and a lawyer, visiting Los Angeles and Australia, and many more things. Her parents fully supported her and encouraged her to follow through with the list. [4][5] In 2010 at the age of 16, Schwartz achieved the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest chain of bracelets. Over four years she made a chain of 1,100 bracelets. She previously had a 10-second video of her family that she created for a contest appear on the Kodak billboard in Times Square in 2009. [4]In September 2011 at the age of 17, Schwartz achieved her goal of writing book after she self-published her book “A Career in Contests” through She spent eight months writing the book after participating in thousands contests winning nearly a thousand contests. [4]In 2014, Schwartz achieved two of her goals visiting Los Angeles and being on a national television show. After auditioning for many televised singing shows, Schwartz was selected to be a contestant on a new singing show that premiered on MTV in June 2014, called "Copycat". For the show, she was flown to California and got to sing in front of a studio audience on television. Schwartz made it into the top six for episode two of the show, but was eliminated before the final round. [4] Schwartz also achieved her goal of volunteering for veterans. She began with weekend visits to veterans in Edison, while she was in high school. She also performed at various veterans’ events in Woodbridge and Carteret. [4] Schwartz continues to add new goals to her bucket list as an adult has achieved around 75% of her goals. [5]


Morissa Schwartz holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Drew University and a Master of Science in Public and Corporate Communication from Monmouth University. She also graduated from Drew University with a Doctorate in Literature. [3]


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Morissa Schwartz, GenZ Publishing at Barnes & Noble

Morissa Schwartz is the CCO of No Borders, Inc., the premier US based software, infrastructure, and blockchain development company. She is the owner of GenZ Publishing, a thriving publishing company with over 50 authors signed and multiple bestsellers. She also runs Dr Rissy's Writing, a leading business writing company that has served thousands of satisfied clients. [2][11]

Schwartz's mission to change the world one word at a time positively. She also works with young people and aspiring entrepreneurs and makes them leaders through her talk ‘The Modern World of Work: Why a 9-5 is No Longer Your Only Option,’ where she encourages others to follow their passions and talents to succeed. [2]

Schwartz hosts her own podcast, The GenZ Podcast, where she interviews innovators, artists, and business people. She has also been highlighted on MTV, News 12, Fox, Teen Kids News, Let’s Chat, and Unfamous. She has been featured in The Huffington Post, Yahoo! Finance, Monmouth Magazine, and U.S. News & World Report. Schwartzalso writes for Entertainment Weekly, Cambio, Nerd Approved, Medium, HelloGiggles, Fashionably Geek, Writers’ Cafe, Nerdalicious, I Left Venus for This, The MPulse, BuzzFeed, College Times, Next Step, Inside Jersey, Grunge, Discovery Girls, Huff Post, Mad, Scholastic, and more. [2]

Schwartz has been passionate about writing from an early age. She had her first national article published in Discovery Girls Magazine at age 12. She landed her first job as an adviser to Junior Scholastic Magazine at the young age 13, published her first book at age 17, and earned the position of top-rated editor on Fiverr by the time she graduated high school. Schwartz had gained dozens of writing and editing credits through college and won the prestigious Chapman Award in poetry twice by the time she graduated from Drew University. Her creative non-fiction book, Notes Never Sent, was published by VIP Ink Publishing. It was ranked in Amazon’s Top 200 Books in the school-age children category. [2] Schwartz was previously a contributor for Entertainment Weekly ’s Community and has written about everything from South Park to her experience in Hollywood as a contestant on the national competitive singing show “Copycat” on MTV. She also interviewed celebrities, including actor/writer/producer David Hornsby and director Matt Shakman and was endorsed by Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk for her articles about his books. [2]

Schwartz is also passionate about small business and environmentalism. To support both of these passions she created and curated the website, Coastal NJ Small Business through the Urban Coast Institute at Monmouth University. She posted updates and articles on the website promoting community awareness and eco-friendliness by covering the actions of small businesses. [3] [2] As a bestselling author, Schwartz, consults with aspiring authors and offers a variety of services. She offers consultations, editing and proofreading services, writing services, book formatting, and readership advice. She has helped more than 684 clients. [2] As a professional speaker, Schwartz hosts and speaks at workshops, panels, and special events to empower, educate, and motivate the new generation and aspiring entrepreneurs. She touches on topics including the future, technology, writing, music, pop culture, and more. [2]

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