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MONI is a fintech ​ company that builds blockchain based tools for personal banking. The company was founded by its CEO Antti Pennanen ​ in 2014 and is based out of Helsinki, Finland ​. ​ [2] [6] [8]

Company Overview

MONI's first product the MONI Prepaid Mastercard created in partnership with MasterCard allows users to access MONI's secure payment network without needing a bank account or credit history​. To do this MONI uses public blockchains. The card can be topped up by any debit or credit card and can be used to shop online, and send or lend money to friends. The card also notifies the user of every transaction and can be used to pay or receive salaries. [2]

MONI was used in a program by the government of Finland ​ to help thousands of refugees ​ start their lives in the country. The government found it challenging to send benefits to the refugees and business struggled to hire and pay the refugees since they were not able to open bank accounts without any identification. However, since MONI uses blockchain technology no ID is required for their cards and refugees were able to use their MONI cards just like a bank account to receive payments. [7]

MONI has received funding from investors including the Digital Currency Group ​, Formation 8 ​, and Maxfield Capital. [9]

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