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MixBytes EOS BP is an EOS block producer​ candidate. MixBytes is a team from Moscow — a group of blockchain enthusiasts, tech team are mostly from Mail.Ru ​ Group ( Russian ​ analog of Yahoo ​, 150 million users). Many of the team members have left big companies to develop blockchain applications. And MixBytes plans to work hard, to make decentralized software closer to real life. MixBytes plans to accomplish this task by designing and implementing smart contracts ​, development tools, teaching people and doing everything that can help blockchain to go another step ahead. MixBytes is actively trying to skip all that political and informational buzz around crypto, regulation, etc. The job is to code and develop new tools. MixBytes believes that decentralization is the next step in evolution of humanity communication and information services, and it's extremely important to build systems oriented to interplanetary signal times and network split, that can be used to manage processes among planets, not only on such a small piece of rock like Earth ​. [2]

MixBytes has developed many Ethereum ​ solutions and performed many security audits for successful ICOs, developed some prototypes for our clients using Bitshares ​ (patching code) and Steemit ​ (development of standalone plugin with custom tx types, storage and indexes). Now it is actively using EOS in its latest research projects: "true" random numbers generation, using SCRAPE protocol (from Cardano article), and a prototype of booking contract (its first experiment). And of course MixBytes plans to support EOS in its leading project — Smartz. [2] [3]

Smartz platform supports Ethereum and is going to support EOS in a month. It's the long story about it, but in few words Smartz is a "Multi-Chain Smart Contracts Management System". It's ready to use in its minimal form, and MixBytes has full development-testing-deployment cycle. Supporting EOS is the strategic task, MixBytes plans to add first contract for EOS (in its own EOS network in case mainnet will not be ready) on Smartz in next month. Now one of the biggest problems is the good way to implement client software (MixBytes is using Scatter, but needs a cross-blockchain solution). For Ethereum MixBytes uses Metamask ​ and Trust browser-wallet. [2]

MixBytes is conducting lectures, workshops and meetups about technical aspects of blockchains, and plans to launch some events about EOS development in Moscow, has all needed resources to organize meetups, workshops and lectures in Moscow or elsewhere in Russia and has connections to students from best Russian technical universities. MixBytes participates in different hackatons, and is going to the upcoming EOS hackaton in Hong Kong ​ June 9-10. [2]


Public Presence

Website URL: https://mixbytes.io/ [4]

Facebook ​: https://www.facebook.com/mixbyteslabs/ [5]

GitHub ​: https://github.com/mixbytes [6]

YouTube ​: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcEtHFZPsWoSxi4fdZcLsxQ [7]

ID on Steemit

Steemit ​ ID: @mixbytes [8]

Official Name: MixBytes EOS BP

Location of Company Headquarters: Moscow, Russia

Expected Location of Servers: Moscow, Russia

Types of Servers: Cloud

Current Employee List

Sergey Prilutsky
Co-founder, Chief Researcher MixBytes

  • Started programming in elementary school
  • Worked as system administrator for many years
  • Engaged in reverse engineering and software security, researching software protection and antivirus engines
  • Graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute
  • Lead project developer at Mail.Ru ​, headed Anti-spam team
  • Worked with systems, ranging from small highly loaded micro services and sites to the large clusters for distributed computing
  • Teacher and author of the course on information security for «Technopark» (BMSTU)
  • Active member of the blockchain developer’s community
  • Lectures at Moscow leading Fintech-Universities (BMSTU, MEPHI) [9]

Yuri Vasilchikov
Co-founder, CEO ​ MixBytes

  • Wrote a clone of Tetris ​ in BASIC
  • Started to develop the sites in 2000 in Perl
  • Former Programmer in the Lebedev Studio
  • Co-founded Eggo.ru web studio in 2006, technical director until 2011
  • Managed the Eggo.ru web-studio for 3 years
  • Consulted and developed IT solutions for more than 150 small and medium-sized companies [9]

Alexey Makeev
Co-founder, CTO MixBytes

Konstantin Privezentsev
Back-end Developer

  • Graduated from Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics ​ with a degree in CAD
  • 8 years of programming experience
  • Worked as a developer in Paragon, BigData-infrastructure developer in Internet searching engine Poisk Mail.Ru and data processing systems in Kaspersky Lab
  • Interests: databases, functional programming, distributed computing [9]

Maxim Polyakov
Back-end Developer

  • 15 years experience in Linux ​ system administration
  • Perl back-end developer in Mail.Ru Group (2013-2018)
  • Software developer for over 20 years utilising: Assembly, C/C++, JavaScript ​, Perl, Lua, Golang ​, Solidity ​ (also Basic, PHP and Python)
  • Interests: smart contract development, highload, distributed decentralized systems, software security, internet anonymity [9]

Algys Ilevlev
Software Researcher

  • BMSTU senior student, participated in the «Technopark» Project
  • Intern developer in Mail.Ru Group, messenger’s team
  • Started C/C++ programming in the 8th school grade, practiced in competitive programming
  • Participated in the final of the All-Russia Programming Competition. 3d degree diploma
  • Developed prototypes using Steem and EOS platforms [9]

Mikhail Shubin
DevOps Engineer

  • While still in school, organized a «domoneta» (home-coin) cell network with a collective connection to the Net. Maintained a FidoNet node
  • Graduated from Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics ​, Department of Radio Communications, Radio Broadcasting, and Television
  • Developed digital measuring devices
  • Managed system administration with varying levels of complexity
  • Wrote code in Python, Perl, and Bash
  • Likes to learn new things to understand «how it works» and «how it can be used»
  • Major interests: robotics, electronics, psychology [9]

Pavel Kruglov
Analyst, SMM, Manager

  • Graduated from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI ​ «Moscow Engineering Physics Institute», Faculty of Information Security of Banking Systems
  • Started programming on C/C ++ and developing sites while learning at school
  • Worked on several projects as an information security expert, including the Central Bank of Russia
  • Has more than 30 personal publications in the Hacker magazine, as well as mutliple editorial articles
  • Interests: information security, system analysis, investment, psychology [9]

Technical Specifications

Team: Developers. Infrastructure: cloud.mail.ru.

First stage

Hardware: 2 x VPS Servers (different datacenters). CPU: 4 vCPU Cores, RAM: 32GB, NET: 1Gbit, SSD: 512Gb, 1 x Balancer

Software: Test of upgrade process of one on nodes (stop one node, replace, up). Some basic monitoring scripts (cpu, mem, hdd, net)

Second stage

Hardware: 2 x VPS Servers (different datacenters). CPU: 8 vCPU Cores, RAM: 96GB, NET: 1Gbit, SSD: 1Tb, 2 x Balancers (different datacenters)

Software: Graphana instance and basic metrics and webhooks. Obligatory test of node upgrade process at early stages of mainnet launch [9]

Scaling Plan

MixBytes has rich experience in high-loaded projects in top Russian web-projects with multi-million users, and knows that scaling plan is highly dependent on the process of upgrading node software. Of course it includes simply increasing servers, but more exact answers depend on EOS team commits.

In the case of how to force massive parallel execution on node, MixBytes will tune servers to increase parallelisation (mostly cores, filecache, filesystem).

In the case of increasing the main thread execution speed, MixBytes can switch to bare servers, minimizing virtualization overheads.

In all cases MixBytes will begin by gathering execution metrics and continue to develop them. [9]

Community Projects

MixBytes is a software company, and stands for open source software, decentralization and security. All its work is open, and they are also publishing useful pieces of code for community developers and ready to help any team that wants to implement EOS blockchain for their tasks.

MixBytes' contribution to EOS development in Russia is:

  • development of useful tools and scripts for EOS development;
  • technical consulting for businesses, that want to implement EOS solutions;
  • development of EOS smart-contracts for real usage;
  • workshops, articles, hackathons and other educational activity related to EOS [9]

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram: @MixBytesEOSBP [10]

MixBytes now has a node at CryptoLions.io “Jungle” Testnet and successfully became a Block Producer. MixBytes is working on improving node availability and preparing to be part of EOS Mainnet. [9]

Block Producer Roadmap

  • 2017 Q3: Provide Lectures on Graphene
  • 2017 Q4: Develop proof-of-Concepts on Graphene
  • 2018 Q1: Provide Lectures and developed open-sourced prototypes on EOS
  • 2018 May: Testnet Node Launch
  • 2018 June: Develop first smart contract constructor on EOS
  • 2018 June 9-10: Participate first EOS Global Hackathon in Hong Kong
  • 2018 Q3: Develop a control panel for EOS Governance functions
  • 2018 Q4: Improve a hardware infrastructure [9]

Position on Dividends

MixBytes specifically confirms that it does not intend to buy user votes. MixBytes is not a financial organization and is not permitted to carry out activities which calculate dividends and other income sources. At the same time, MixBytes has extensive experience in the development of high loaded systems and decentralized blockchain applications, and sees the focus of its activity in providing its technological solutions for EOS community members. In particular, for MixBytes voters, MixBytes will provide preferential access to our smart contracts and DAPPS, which have been developed for EOS based Contracts on the Smartz platform. [9]

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