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Mister Jiu’s is a restaurant in San Francisco. It is the only Michelin Guide Chinese restaurant in the city. [2]


Mister Jiu’s opened in San Francisco’s Chinatown in April 2016. In 2017 Mister Jiu’s introduced a bar menu, where you can order dishes a la carte. The Chef is Brandon Jew. [2]


Mister Jiu’s is trying to present Cantonese food in a new light, something in keeping with the Jew’s culinary background at restaurants like Quince, Zuni Cafe and Bar Agricole. Dishes also have a San Francisco Bay Area sensibility, sourcing locally grown and sustainable ingredients from producers like Devil’s Gulch Ranch pork, Hodo Soy, McFarland Springs trout and black and lapsang souchong from Song Tea, which Jew will use to smoke ducks from Liberty Farms.

Chinese elements of the restaurante include Jew drying his own seafood and pickling vegetables like cabbage and mustard greens, and creating house-made fermented bean sauces in the restaurant’s larder. [1]

The five-course menu, which is $69 per person, will be served family-style because Jew feels that will encourage diners to share and interact with each other. [1] The selections are divided into six categories with several choices in each: Salad, Soup, Rice and Noodles, Veggies, Fish/Meat, and Dessert. Collectively the table decides on five dishes.[4]

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