Millie Davis

Millie Davis (born December 6, 2006) [0] is a child actress who had notable television roles in Annedroids, Orphan Black, Odd Squad, Wishenpoof!, and The Doozers. She was also cast in the films The Best Man Holiday and Wonder (2017).

Early Life & Education

Millie Davis was born in Canada. [1]


Her first appearance on television came when she was 6 months old in a commercial for Run for the Cure. She appeared alongside her father in the commercial.

She appeared in the movies Befriend and Betray, The Magic Hockey Skates, and Apple Mortgage Cake.

She landed a starring role alongside Dalila Bela in Odd Squad .

Personal Life

Millie Davis's parents, Megan and Wayne Davis, run an acting school called CharActors Theatre Troupe. She has an older brother named Drew. [0]

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