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Michael Loeb is an American entrepreneur who is founder and CEO of Loeb Enterprises, an investor, incubator and operator of consumer marketing businesses.[1]

Michael Loeb speaking on Bloomberg TV

Early life and Education

Loeb studied Psychology at Amherst College between 1973 and 1977.


Loeb worked for Time Warner for eight years before founding the Synapse Group, Inc. in 1992 with the founder of Priceline, Jay Walker. With Loeb as President, Synapse Group grew to become the largest consumer magazine subscriptions vendor worldwide. Loeb used a patented and revolutionary "continuous service" model which fundamentally changed the industry.

Synapse Group was sold to Time Warner in 2006 and Loeb went on to found Loeb Enterprises to both invest in early stage ventures and incubate start-ups with their own ideas.[1] One of Loeb's biggest ventures, in conjunction with $20Bn Pharmacy Benefit Manager CatamaranRx is ScriptRelief, a free pharmacy benefit card with over 5,000,000 subscribers that saves up to three quarters of "uncovered" prescription charges at virtually any drugstore.[1]

Personal life

Loeb currently resides in New York City with a wife and children.[1]

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