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Maurício Caio Galdi (born August 12, 1988 in Palizzi) is a Brazilian/ Italian actor, voice actor, entrepreneur and the first Human Doll to sign both national and international television contracts. He has filled both guest and cast roles. Hired by Brazil's second largest television station Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão (SBT), Maurício significantly widened awareness of the concept of a living Ken doll in Brazil. In an unprecedented framework within the program presenter Eliana, which lasted for 6 months, he sought and found the first Doll (Barbie). The table lasted 6 months, he was also officially known as the Human Ken Doll and also demystified the culture of human dolls, showing that it is not linked only to people addicted to plastic surgery. Maurício also won for two consecutive years the highlight and communication award at the government palace. Currently, his career has taken meteoric proportions, with the imminence of participation in films, reality shows and documentaries on human figures in both Brazilian and international broadcasters. [4]

Being interviewed
Being interviewed


Actor, graduated from 20 years by school actors Wolf Maya. Maurício also graduated in singing, dancing and won his DRT (Professional Registration issued by the Ministry of Labour) full as an actor by the school. But Galdi also graduated in:

For some years, Mauritius has also worked in the field of business. He traveled the world as a Marketing Director of a major tourism company in Brazil, but his artistic vein spoke louder and in 2013 he resumed his acting/model career and began to be called in 2014 in the national media as the new Human Ken. He passed several Brazilian television stations, among them TV Network and Rede Record. In Record, it happened its official launch as Ken in the host program Rodrigo Faro. After his release, Galdi participated in several other programs of the station that launched. [4]

In 2015, the media created a fictional fight between Mauricio Galdi and Celso Santebanes, who also held the title of Human Ken Doll. In the same year, the two Kens had the opportunity to meet face to face in the program CQC of Rede Bandeirantes. It was a thrilling encounter, as Celso Santebanes at the time was undergoing chemotherapy to fight leukimia. Then ended their fictitious fight, but unfortunately, Celso months later succumbed to illness and died on June 4, 2015. [4]

Television Appearances and Press

Human Ken Doll appeared in the Pinched Perfect episode of the Reality tv program Botched's first season. [28] He has also appeared on stations of Brazilian and other international television. Maurício was invited to programs such as:

  1. channel Multishow
  2. RedeTV!
  3. Globo
  4. NGT
  5. Rede Record
  6. Rede Bandeirantes
  7. SBT

In this last station, Maurício was the first doll to be hired and have an official framework within the Program Eliana, every Sunday from 15h to 18h30. Following its success, Maurício began to be hailed in international press as the new Ken Brazilian. He was mentioned in international press such as:

  1. Daily Mail
  2. The Sun
  3. Daily Star
  4. Mirror
  5. Vanity Fair (Italy)

In the latter, Maurício had the good fortune to grace the cover of the journal. Another group in which Maurício was highlighted was the group RTL, which recorded more than 3 documentaries. Two other international channels that have made documentaries about Brazilian Ken were RAI and Ruptly, Russia. Within the Brazilian media as an actor and model ,Maurício was highlighted in both journalism and entertainment. Among many, magazine stand out Look, site Ego, newspaper Folha, portal R7, among others. [4]

Ongoing projects and Future

The next steps for Maurício Galdi's career, from the year 2017, will be the recording already for the second time a matter for Channel E! Entertainment! in Los Angeles. The matter will about all his career trajectory of Human Ken Doll Brazil and also of his future plans. [4]

On January 28, 2016, Maurício had been invited as special Brazilian Ken in the program Botched on the channel E!. At the time, doctors said Galdi was already one Doll perfect and should not touch anything else in his body. At the time, experts came to compare it with the King of Rock'n'roll, Elvis Presly in his youth.

In Brazil, due to the huge success of the framework of the Program Eliana, in which the search was made by the official Brazilian Barbie, it was being concocted a special framework to Maurício to present the program. However, the international rise and will later pursue an acting career in the United States did not continue in the station.

At the end of January 2016, newly arrived from Los Angeles, Maurício was invited to join the cast of the first reality show made only with dolls, Plastics of Hollywood. The show will be recorded in Hollywood, California and many other notable dolls will costar with Maurício such as Justin Jedlica, Rodrigo Alves and Pixee Fox, are scheduled for the cast. In August 2016, Maurício returned to Los Angeles to record the teaser of the program and closing some contracts with agencies and US businessmen. Finally, human Ken returned to Brazil, recorded some TV shows to be confirmed in reality. Therefore he had great prominence in all teasers released on reality television.

At the same time, Maurício was also Co Star in the clip Rising Star, recorded in Malibu, California, with Angelique Morgan. In the clip, the two make a couple of Twin Dolls (dolls twins) very funny.

In late November 2016, Maurício recorded a new documentary for the RTL Group, which will have a direct link to reality in 2017. [4]

The Human Ken Doll

A word for Maurício Galdi, widely used by Brazilian and international press, is versatility. It is seen as something that goes beyond plastic surgery, which demystifies the image of dolls as people with no content and only interested in radical changes in aesthetics. It shows that beyond aesthetics, the dolls also have talent to add something new to the world of entertainment: as artistic training, academic, creative ability and performance.

Always looking for challenges in his career, actor, model and presenter also has dual Italian-Brazilian citizenship. But it also has free transit between all countries. In October 2016, for example, he was mentioned in the same week in three major tabloids UK: Daily Mail, The Sun and Daily Star. [4]

Plastic Surgeries

During the past 10 years, Maurício's surgeries have included:

  • 5 Rhinoplasty
  • removal of cheek fat
  • application of porcelain teeth veneers
  • applied Botox
  • 1 liposuction high definition
  • pectoral implants
  • applied fat grafts beneath the leg muscles
  • silicone implants in each bicep

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