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Mat Honan is a technology writer and author. He is currently the San Francisco bureau chief for BuzzFeed News. He is formerly a senior staff writer at WIRED.

Early Life & Education

Mat Honan attended Emory University. He eventually graduated from the University of Georgia in 1996 with a Bachelor's degree in History .[3]


Mat Honan has been writing about the technology industry and its impact on society as early as 1998. A few years after graduating from college, he became a fellow at Mother Jones. He then became a senior editor at an online magazine called[3]

From 2001 to 2011, Honan began working as a freelancer , writing pieces on the impacts of technology, the ways we can change our bodies, social media culture, location-based services, and Barack Obama.[9]

His work has also appeared in 7×7, The Awl , the Bold Italic , Budget Travel, Gizmodo , Macworld , Mother Jones, the National Journal , the New York Sun , O, The Oprah Magazine , Popular Science, Runner's World , Salon, the San Francisco Bay Guardian , the SF Weekly , Time, Wired UK , and Women's Health, among other places.[9]


In 2003, Honan began writing and researching as a freelancer for WIRED. [3] He secured a position as a senior writer in 2012 after spending years working as a freelancer.[3]

Youtube Video
"We Were Hacked: Here's What You Should Know" (w/ Mat Honan and Matthew Prince)

While working for the publisher, he wrote a monthly column and multiple cover stories for the magazine, plus regular stories for their online publication.[2][9] One of the stories involved how his online accounts got hacked, including his Google account, his Amazon account, his Twitter account, and his Apple ID.[15]

Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle

In 2008, Mat wrote a book for Gotham Books called Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle: 366 Ways He Really Cares.[12] It was released on August 5, 2008.[13] The book has 366 examples of things that Barack Obama did for America during his presidential campaign in 2008.[13]

In addition to the book, Honan created the website[12] The website randomly generated non sequiturs that portrayed Barack Obama in a generally positive light. The site was created on February 13, 2008 and was picked up by a number of tech-focused blogs and news sites, including Technorati , The Economist , and Time Magazine.[12]


Mat Honan is the San Francisco bureau chief for BuzzFeed News. Since moving to Buzzfeed, Mat has helped opened their San Francisco office, launched the BuzzFeed Open Lab, and overseen he launch of their tech news video program.[9]

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