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Best known for his aptitude for all things seafood, Mason "Masan" Raasch obtained the title Man of Seafood at the young age of 20. Before him, only three others had achieved this title: Poseidon, Aquaman, and Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. As a sign of respect for this high achievement, most of his peers have started referring to him as Masan, Man of Seafood. He is most known for his famous dish, the Seafood Surprise which has stimulated a wave of revolution amongst the culinary community and shook the foundation of how human beings precieved food. Raasch is accredited with changing our perception of food as simply nutrition to being something that can be enjoyed on many levels and enhance the human experience as a whole. He currently runs a test kitchen in southern California in order to further push the bounds of seafood based cuisine. Some of his more publicized projects include the development of plasma-activated squid ink fettuccine and eutectic phase toro sushi.

In regards to his powerlifting exploits, Mason recently hit both the 300lb bench and 600lb deadlift milestone at the USAPL California State Championships on April 17th, 2016. His current wilks score stands at 385.

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