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Mariah Nicole Bons is a 20-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona ​​. [1] ​ She is the sister of rapper Lil Peep ​'s incarcerated fan Nicky Bons ​, whom his final tweet was directed towards. [12] ​ She is the subject of a police investigation looking into Lil Peep's death. [29]

Death of Lil Peep

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Timeline of Events

On November 15th, 2017, Mariah and a friend, went meet up with Lil Peep ​ and the GOTHBOICLIQUE ​ (GBC) in Tuscon, Arizona ​. [23]

At 3:22 pm, a message was sent to Mackned ​ of the GBC that said "10 min away we have joints, wax, pods, and xans essskkeettiitt." [3] ​ It is not confirmed if this is Mariah. [3]

At 5:45 pm, Peep's manager checked on him on the tour bus and says he was taking a nap, snoring and breathing without issue. [26]

At 7:20 pm, Mariah sent a message in the Twitter ​ group GAS Chat that Lil Peep was passed out and wouldn't wake up. [5]

At 10:57 pm, Mariah sent another message to the group and said "Gbc high af because of me and my friend lol." She left the group after the message. [4] ​ In a Snapchat message, Mariah clarified that she dabbed Gbc out and that's what she meant when she said that "Gbc got high af." [2] ​ Mariah has since deactivated her Twitter ​. [6]

Peep was pronounced dead that evening of a drug overdose. [26] ​ Drug paraphernalia, Xanax, marijuana and an unknown tan powder were found on his tour bus. [27]


After Peep's death, Mariah summarized what happened in a Snapchat ​. She said that Mackned asked for xans, a friend of hers picked them up and brought them to Gbc. She also said that Peep took 60 milligrams of roxi, a form of Oxycodone ​ before, and she assumed he was nodding off from that. She states that she was unaware of any Xanax ​ usage from Lil Peep. [11] [2]

A screenshot of a dm from a fake Instagram ​ account of Mariah has been circulating online. [25]

Police are still investigating the incident and are yet to confirm anything. They are especially looking into whether fentanyl ​ played a role which has been described as a major problem in the Tuscon area. [28] [27] ​ Law enforcement are looking into texts sent by Mariah. [29] ​ Mariah has since went into hiding.

The final toxicology report said that the cause of death was a combination of fentanyl ​ and alprazolam ​. [30] ​ The manner of death is certified accidental. [30] ​ The Tuscan police department says that they are investigating a possible homicide and are trying to figure out where the drugs came from. [30]

Personal Life

Mariah's brother, Nicky Bons ​ is in prison for aggravated assault ​. [24]

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